I posted some recent posts and this is the order you need to read them:

IRES Personnel File is first, followed by My Story, which is followed by 2945 and last is the one dealing with the Nickname.  Thanks.  Sorry for the inconvenience.


The Nickname


Now you are probably wondering how I came by the name Phoenix, well this is that story behind the name.

My friends and family dubbed me Phoenix after they witnessed me surviving a crash of one of my older ships when I was younger. They saw me coming out of the smoldering ashy remains of my ship with hardly a scratch on me and that’s how I came to be known as Phoenix. Just like the fabled Phoenix who rose back from her ashes into her true form to help others.

It helps that I have flaming red hair also. I know it’s odd that my siblings have the same hair color as our parents had, but I somehow wound up picking up on the Irish and Scottish heritage far more than they did and mom never ever cheated on dad at all. Red hair ran in our ancestors.

2945: The New Year

Year 2945

It’s the beginning of the New Year, and I stand in my new office in my new Aeroview Hangar and look down into the bay below through the office window. I smile as I watch the hangar crew taking care of each of my ships and preparing them for exploration and cargo carrying jobs. I look around with my arms crossed in front of me and nod in approval. The newest up to date computers and more have been brought into the hangar and into the office.

This place gives me space to think about many things, including what I’m feeling for the founder of IRES, but I won’t let anyone in on those secrets. Those are for me to ponder over; also I don’t know how he would react to the thought of the newest member having feelings for him. For all I know he’s got someone and that makes me keep my feelings towards him hidden from all, but I know they are there. If he does have someone, I’ll get over it faster, but if he rejected my feelings that would only take longer for me to get over being hurt and a broken heart.

Come to think of it, I’ve never had these feelings for anyone else, and I’m hoping that one day I’ll find the kind of love and happiness my parents had. That’s why I have never really looked for love. I’m only 21, so in no rush or shouldn’t be in no rush to find someone to love and marry and settle down with, so I’ll just keep these to myself.

My thoughts are interrupted by the sound of an incoming call on my computer, and I go over and answer it. It’s from my sister and brother, well time for a conference call; I knew this would be coming soon enough. The botched raid will be all over the news soon enough and in our day and age news travels faster than ever now.

I smile and answer the call and says, “Hey you two, and as you can tell I’m alive and well, not even a scratch on me.” They each chime in with a great and we talk about things, and I explain to them what happened. I then tell them that I now have a new job with an organization known as Iron Rain Elite Squadron or IRES. I tell them that my job here gives me a better chance of following my dream then I could before. I will now be able to explore and still be able to deliver cargo and such. They each congratulate me and tell me that it was nice to talk and catch up but they each had to go. Stephen’s youngest was sick and needed to be seen to and Ailsa had school work to do as well as get back to her new job. We signed off with love you and good nights.

I shut off the call and stand up and stretch. I look at the time and head to my quarters and get something to eat and relax with some TV before calling it quits for the night. Tomorrow is another day for more to be done.



My Story: The Beginning

My Story:

I was born into a family that explored space, mined, built, sold and delivered cargo to those who had bought our ores and more. I was born in 2924, to Erbo and Selenalore Evans. They were the co-founders to The Gold Falcons Inc. I have an older brother, Stephen, who is married now with his own family to take care of, and a younger sister, Ailsa, whom I had to take care of until she turned 18, after our parents were killed on their 50th wedding anniversary while vacationing on a planet that was swiftly overrun by Pirate Vanduul, who later glassed the planet.

It’s been three years since their death, and I still miss them greatly, but at least we know they died together fighting against enemy to the very end.

My little sister was 15 at the time of their deaths, and I took over raising her so that our brother could concentrate on his family and the family business, since he inherited the head position of the family company, with my sister and me being co-owners.

We were practically raised flying ships and learning how to mine and more. We all had our own private ship by the time we hit 15 or so. We were helping with the mining and patrolling during the mining operations. I preferred staying in my small and fast ship that was good at taking down attacking enemies, while my sister preferred to work the mining ship, while our brother done the cargo ships and such.

Finally my sister became of age to take care of herself, and I became a privateer. I delivered cargo for whoever paid me to deliver it to said locations. Some was black market territory while others were legit locations and legit cargo. I thankfully never had gotten caught with the black market cargo, I learned fast in how to out maneuver and out think others when it came to getting my cargo to said locations.

However my luck turned on a day back in 2944, near the end of the year, when I was trying to deliver my cargo to a location near pirate territory. It was to a military station, which was built to keep the military close to one of the newest colonized planets, which was recently seized from pirate territory. I apparently and interrupted, what was at that time, a pirate raiding party getting ready to raid the planet. No one had known about this raiding party until I accidently ran smack in the middle of them. They were hidden amongst the asteroids and protected from radar detection. Thankfully IRES Black Talons were out patrolling when the shooting of their weapons and mine were detected upon the radars. They swiftly moved in and had witnessed my out maneuvering and out gunning the enemy in my very old Freelancer.

Yes I know I had money to keep my ships up to par, but I wasn’t going to touch the money that had been put on the side for me from our parents. I wanted to keep that money invested in the family business and only from time to time pulling out enough money to keep my ship in working order and fueled, and I like making my own money instead of having to live off old family money when I have a means of making my own money with odd and end jobs of delivering cargo and freight to hunting down a few bounties in my smaller and faster ship.

Anyways, back to what happened after the battle that crippled my Freelancer. After the battle the Constellation warped in and towed my ship into its bay and delivered me to the nearest repair space station, and it was during my ships repair that the founder asked me to join IRES and that he would update my Freelancer to a more up to date and better prepared ship then what I was flying. I thought for a while and then said, “Yes, I’d be happy to join.” And that’s where I am now and where a new part of my life now starts.



IRES Personnel File: “Phoenix”

Full name: Iliana “Phoenix” Evans
Job: Privateer, Freight Hauler & Explorer

Parents: Erbo & Selenalore Evans
Siblings: Stephen Evans & Ailsa “Aingeal” Evans
Birth Planet: Earth
Birth Place: Denver, Colorado
Birth Year: 2924-07-20
Height: 5’5”
Hair: Flame Red
Eyes: Deep Ocean Blue

She was brought into IRES after the founder of IRES witnessed her out maneuvering and out gunning the pirate vanduuls. The Black Talon Squadron came in to save the day as she took a final blow to the engines of her aging Freelancer. After the rest of the raiding pirates were sent scurrying with their tails between their legs. Soon arriving upon the scene is The Constellation, which later is found to be the main ship for IRES, and they pull her crippled ship in and tow her to the nearest repair station, where she is asked by the founder himself to join Iron Rain Elite Squadron or IRES as a cargo and freight shipper and an Explorer.


Wow been a while

I’m sorry about not keeping things going here.  Just life in general gets very busy for me and usually I have nothing really to really write about. :)

Well here’s a few things:

My health is still the same and I’m staying healthy to the best of my ability. My asthma is in good control and my protime or NRI is doing great and the diabetes is the only thing being stubborn even though I’ve lost weight, it just doesn’t want to give up it’s foot hold, but you know, I’m still walking and breathing and eventually the diabetes will give up it’s hold, I just have to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing to help get it there.

My sister finally got her book out there and has had a number of her books bought, and she has even been asked to write the rest of her life story by a few people that have bought her book :).  I hope she does, cause her life is very interesting compared to mine :), but just to give a heads up, if anyone goes to Amazon.com and looks up “Don’t Cry Broken Angel” be prepared for some rather graphic reading and it’s all true.

We bought our godsons/nephews their own xbox one for Christmas this year with a some games so that when I’m on the xbox one and on one of those games, then they can join me in play.

I also saved up over $1000 to build myself a brand new system, I’ve named it Phoenix and have retired my old machine, Kaliska, which will be used for a new and better updated server for our family minecraft, in hopes that it will be less laggy then what we have for that right now since Delenn is used as more of a mail server for my fiance’s comcast mail gathering and a few other things.

Erbo (Eric) and I have been together for 7 years and are still going strong.  We still have minor political arguments and a few other arguments, but you know; lol, that’s just us.  We are still very much in love and very happy with each other :).  We take care of each other and I am slowly getting back into cooking home meals from time to time so we don’t always have to bring home take out.

Penny, our little kitty, is doing fine and still healthy and well loved and she returns the love 10 fold.  She’s a wonderful and very loving pet, and we still think of her as our child, though she is a black kitty with a touch of white on her belly and chest and has four legs and meows and purrs instead of talking back or talking :).

My dad is doing great over in Illinois and we keep in contact as much as possible :).  I’ll most likely soon enough be saving up to get him a new computer that he can pick up at Best Buy and what not.  The one he has, had finally given up the ghost, but then he won’t get it until his birthday come July.  I’m putting money aside right now to help pay off the card that Erbo used to get the boys their Christmas presents.  Hopefully that won’t be to long :).

My mom and step-dad are doing well as well.  They are both healthy and my step-dad still drives those 18 wheelers.  Mom has semi-retired from driving the big trucks cause of some of her health issues, but other then that they are both doing well.

I had a shock last year just before Christmas.  I ended up getting a Christmas card from my brother and his girlfriend and her family for Christmas.  I was like oh my really.  It’s about time my brother found someone who can put up with his shit and keep him in line :).  Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother to bits, but it’s best that we stay apart, but it’s nice to hear from him from time to time cause at least then I know he’s doing fine.  As for his health, I have no clue, but I hope it has improved since I last seen him a few years back when Eric and I went to Illinois to visit dad for his birthday.  We also went and seen mom and my step-dad and a few other family members, including my Aunt in Arkansas.

As for the rest of my time so far, it’s been playing minecraft, trying to continue to write books, playing on the xbox and on Second Life.  Sadly my creative juices are kind of blocked right now and it’s hard for me to try to write or build things, so I play on the xbox and facebook and listen to my music in hopes that some day soon enough I’ll be able to get back to the writing and being creative again, but until then I’ll do what ever I can do to have fun and such.

Never Ending Winter

The winter seems to be never ending this year, but I’ve got hope with the past few warm days that winter is about to end in time for a nice spring.

Mother Nature has definantly gone into Menopause this last bit of winter.  We are warm and nice one day, but then the next we are back into cold and snow or just cold, but guess what :), I really don’t care.  I love how the weather is and such.  It’s nice to be so unpredictable lots of times, cause by the time summer gets here people are going to be wanting fall and winter to come sooner then later.  The temps here in the summer depends on what mother nature will do.  We are usually in the 80s or 90s in the summer with very little moisture, but hey that’s what nature is like.  You are suppose to be unpredictable and hint at things to come. :)

Today we had snow, while the past two days have been warm and windy and in the 60s and 70s, today snow and in the 30s and 40s :).  It’s been cloudy all day and will continue to be, we even have more snow possibly tonight, but it ain’t going to be much :).

Ahh nature what a wonderful thing :).  Enjoy the hints of the coming seasons, because if you don’t you’ll regret it :).



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