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Hot damn! Yesterday afternoon, we finally got some much needed rain, which not only helped with the fire danger in some areas, but it also washed away all the dirt, pollution and pollen in the air.

We still have pollen out there, but at least it’s not over whelming like it has been :).  Also yesterday morning just around 11 a.m. or so, they cleared the throats of the tornado sirens for the first time, to blow the cobwebs out of them since they had not been used at all over the late fall and winter seasons :).

No sooner they did that, they had to use it with the storm that came through here, cause as it passed over us here in Denver, it was severe with pea size hail, wind and cloud to ground lightening.  The storm turned tornadic as it went over the DIA area, thankfully the funnel that was spotted didn’t turn into a full blown tornado.

We all were fine.  We though seriously got close to an inch of rain out of that storm, and later that night more rain and storms rumbled through and dumped more rain.  The air is so much cleaner now and the temps are very spring like now being in the 60s, but by this weekend, there is a possible chance for a rain and snow mix to hit us.  This is typical weather here in Denver, especially in early spring, it can be spring time and next there would be snow.  I don’t care as long as we get more precipitation and the likes to help with this past dry winter so we don’t wind up having to conserve water and the likes.

I gladly welcome the spring in with open arms :). The weather is fantastic and absolutely lovely, snow, rain, storm and tornadic :). It’s spring what more can you say about it :).


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Damn the pollen is really bad out there.  Hopefully here in the very near future we will be getting rain to wash down all the dirt and pollen and clean the air SOON!

The stuff is finally kicking me in the ass, it took it long enough, but now I’m starting to feel the allergies seriously kicking in.  I decided this morning to take one of my Zyrtec 24 hour pills, so hopefully I won’t feel it too bad today.

I think it’s because we’ve done a lot of running around recently starting with the trip in the urban cowboy truck, to looking at a new car and getting one.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have allergies, but then the world isn’t perfect, someone has one thing or another issue from asthma to other illnesses.

I’m up right now cause my stomach was growling for me to eat some breakfast, and I will probably go back to bed later for a little while or not. LOL.  I’ve just been told that somethings that we’ve ordered recently might be in today. 🙂

Oh as for the shopping for a new car, we found one, and I will probably post about it later on :).  I’ve got to get pictures and a description from my man on what he thinks LOL.  I definitely know that the man is in love with the car and man oh man he isn’t the only one, but then I was very adamant about getting this type of car, but wow wasn’t expecting how it rides and all the bells and whistles in it :).  I’ll talk more about that later, so back to the subject at hand.

The pollen and all that is out there is definitely kicking in, and as I said before, I HOPE we get some rain soon so that it can clean the air and wash down the pollen and dirt :).  I so want to get over these allergies, but I’ve a feeling until spring has fully blossomed and bloomed, I and every else that suffers from allergies, will continue to do so.


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Well today is a very windy and gusty day in Denver, CO.  It is causing issues with fires and with the power around certain areas, so there are going to be brownouts and blackouts from time to time.

So far, my sister has been having brownouts, while the radio station I’m listening too has lost power twice in less then 5 minutes.  Yep Mother Nature is having a hay day with everyone here in Denver.  Thankfully it hasn’t happened to my area yet, but ours might be less do to our power lines and such being buried under ground.

The weather is very beautiful here today with it being 80 degrees outside.  It’s wonderful and relaxing, at least for me, but not for those who will most likely have to be out and about taking care of forest fires, wild fires and grass fires.  We do need some rain though cause it’s getting very parched out there moisture wise.  I just wish La Nina would just go away, but we already know we can’t stop these cycles from happening.

Wind Chime and Pine Tree


This is a picture of what the wind is doing outside the patio door.  It’s blowing pretty hard out there.  I’m think today here in Denver cold almost put the “Windy City” to shame over in Illinois :). People are enjoying this day though, I’m seeing lots of people on their bikes and walking instead of driving, but this usually does happen here in Colorado during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons :).  I can’t wait to be able to take a break on an actual weekend and go driving up in the mountains just to look around and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy and I’ll be putting up more posts with pictures in it :).

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Ahh spring has pretty much sprung here in Colorado, but we have yet to know if there will be snow in the near future to give us a final blast of Old Man Winter.

I’m sitting here on the couch in front of the patio door, and I just opened it.  If I could take out the sounds of the city driving I’d be even happier, but sadly I do live in the southern part of Denver.

I’m listening to a male sparrow calling out for a mate and it’s a beautiful sound.  The sparrow is in the pine tree outside the patio.

We have the same family of sparrows coming back to next and make a home in the bush outside the computer room window, to bad it hasn’t been fixed or I’d have it open for the cat to enjoy the view all the more.

Yes that reminds me lol.  The sparrow that is hunting for a mate decided to fly down to the patio flooring and Penny jumped off the back of the couch and pounced the glass.  She wasn’t happy that she couldn’t have that bird for lunch or din din. LOL.

The sparrow flew up to the railing of the patio and sat there for a while looking down at Penny, and I swear I think he was laughing at her.  Poor Penny just sat down there on the floor eying the sparrow and started her insane chirping and meowing she uses when she sees a bird so ripe for picking and she can’t get it. Hehe, so I went ahead and feed her some food.

Now back on subject here, the temps here in the mile high city have been in the 60s and 70s and will continue in the neck of the woods at least until next Monday, when the temps start to slip back into the upper and mid 50s.  We are also suppose to be getting rain as far as I can see Tuesday and Weds.

Here in Denver there is really no telling what the weather will do at this time of year.  It could snow or it could be tornadic and the likes do to severe weather, so we basically just go with things day by day and enjoy the weather when it’s just right :).  My outdoor allergies will soon start up, and soon I’ll be suffering from both indoor and outdoor allergies, but thankfully I’ve got the allergy medicine that covers both :).

I’m just going to sit back, eat something and enjoy the mix of outdoor life with my country music.  I hope spring will be wonderful to others and to those who get the really bad weather, God will be watching over you, and I hope all survive, though some might not, but at least try your best to stay alive out there.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy it when you can and breath in the clean air and get ready to plant your gardens :).  ENJOY!

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For those who live here in the USA, most if not all of us have to change our clocks an hour ahead tonight before we head to bed.

In other words, people, we will lose an hour of sleep tonight in the wee hours of the morning.

Spring forward one hour and Fall back an hour this Fall.  The date is from March 11, 2012 to November 4, 2012.

I don’t mind the one hour loss, but my man will have to readjust so that he has enough sleep to make it to work, but it’s great to know that Spring is almost here.

I’m very much tired of winter right now, the snow is lovely and relaxing to watch, but the temps are annoying as hell and if you get cabin fever bad like I do.  Ugh.

So remember people, to set those clocks one hour ahead tonight just before you go to bed so those of you who go to church won’t miss it and to make sure you aren’t late for work this weekend and Monday :).


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Wow it’s hard to believe that the 11 year cycle is just starting but won’t be in full swing until next year!

The Solar storms seem to be kicking off to a good start apparently, so far I’ve read of two major solar flare ups this year alone.  I think the first one was back in January and then this most recent one today.

The Solar flare erupted yesterday, and will be hitting us full blown today at 4 million mph! Damn that’s fast.  It will most likely or possibly cause issues with a number of things today, from possible power grid outages to GPS not wanting to work properly and so forth and so on.

According to the people who keep tabs on this thing, we can expect to see the Northern Lights all the way down here into Colorado, but with the full moon out there tonight, there might be some interference from the glow of the moon and we won’t be able to see much of the Northern Lights.  I would LOVE to see some Auroras, but who knows, there will most likely be some good possibilities to see them next year for sure since it seems the sun is going to be in its 11 year active cycle.

Another thing that is happening out there as well.  The Worm Moon, which is what the Native American’s call the March full moon is wiggling it’s way into the sky tonight.

The Native American’s called the March full moon the Lenten moon. It was thought to be the final full moon of winter, and a herald of spring.

Native Americans named full moons to differentiate between seasons.

The Worm Moon got it’s name because in March the ground traditionally begins to thaw, allowing worms to start emerging.

You can learn more about the Full Moon Names and Their Meanings by reading in the farmers’ almanac.

I hope you all enjoy this post.  I enjoyed writing it.  I’m sorry if my posts are few and far between, but it’s kind of hard to come up with something to blog about when not much is happening in your life and the likes :).


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Wow.  It turned out to be a very beautiful and slightly warm day here in Denver.  There is a wind as well but oh my does it ever feel good to feel the nice wind blowing through the patio screen and the temp feels much warmer then it actually is.  I have no clue what the temp was, but I think we might have actually gotten into the 60’s today.  It’s right now 57 out there and feeling good!  Now that’s just hinting at a wonderful spring when it finally hits.  Then sadly I’ll have to deal with my outdoor allergies and indoor allergies at the same time, but I’m prepared for it.

Right now I’m just dealing with my indoor allergies from dust to pet dander flying around, but have already taken an allergy pill for it.  I still can not wait for full blown Spring to show up.  My fiancee will probably take me for a drive up in the mountains if the snow isn’t still around in to many places :).  I just can’t wait, but I have to.  La sigh.

Anyways, the sky is bright blue here in Denver with a nice wind blowing and plenty of sunshine and warmth :).  I enjoy these days so much better then the gloomy grey sky and clouds :).  I hope everyone elses weather turns out just as beautiful as it has here.  We are sadly though expecting more snow possibly on Monday :).  Oh well.  Stick around long enough in Colorado and the weather will change in minutes :).

Until later and enjoy the beautiful days and nights :).


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