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Ugh! I’m not a happy camper this morning.  I seriously HATE at times being a woman, especially when your body constantly changes your mind.

Why you ask? Well lets just put it out there bluntly and this might be TMI to a lot of people, but oh well.

I swore I had stopped Friday night or early Saturday, but damned if my body decided to do something about that.  I woke up this morning on IT again, and I just WISH I could afford to go get my bits taken out so I didn’t have to worry about my unpredictable ass system and body.

WHY ME??? I sometimes just wish it would GO AWAY! I’m tired of my unpredictable body and my irregular flows! I guess I’m happy I wasn’t in the mood last night cause that would just have been to much for me to handle *sighs*.

I also wish this pollen would hurry up and go away as well but there is no telling when that will be happening, and I also wish the cat would stop scraping her food out of her dish and onto the floor and wasting food, but that ain’t going to happen any times soon.  I’m thinking of washing the new dish and such today just to change out her food dish and see what happens then.  Hell it may be her way of telling her she needs a clean dish.  I don’t know, how can you know what a cat is saying when they can’t speak.  You can’t read their minds.

Wishful thinking that’s all it is and I know for a fact that wishes like mine don’t come true.  Some of them do but not all of them, like the one dealing with the cat and her food and my annoying body and system.  I do have many good things that have happened in my life and one of them being the man I feel in love with and visa versa with him falling in love with me, for I was not looking and he came into my life.  Thank the good Lord for some things.



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Hot damn! Yesterday afternoon, we finally got some much needed rain, which not only helped with the fire danger in some areas, but it also washed away all the dirt, pollution and pollen in the air.

We still have pollen out there, but at least it’s not over whelming like it has been :).  Also yesterday morning just around 11 a.m. or so, they cleared the throats of the tornado sirens for the first time, to blow the cobwebs out of them since they had not been used at all over the late fall and winter seasons :).

No sooner they did that, they had to use it with the storm that came through here, cause as it passed over us here in Denver, it was severe with pea size hail, wind and cloud to ground lightening.  The storm turned tornadic as it went over the DIA area, thankfully the funnel that was spotted didn’t turn into a full blown tornado.

We all were fine.  We though seriously got close to an inch of rain out of that storm, and later that night more rain and storms rumbled through and dumped more rain.  The air is so much cleaner now and the temps are very spring like now being in the 60s, but by this weekend, there is a possible chance for a rain and snow mix to hit us.  This is typical weather here in Denver, especially in early spring, it can be spring time and next there would be snow.  I don’t care as long as we get more precipitation and the likes to help with this past dry winter so we don’t wind up having to conserve water and the likes.

I gladly welcome the spring in with open arms :). The weather is fantastic and absolutely lovely, snow, rain, storm and tornadic :). It’s spring what more can you say about it :).


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Ok here’s the deal, like I said yesterday I would soon be posting something dealing with our new car that we just got, so there is going to be a lot of different sayings going off in this post. 🙂

So everyone knows about the Saturn decided to commit “suicide” to let my man know that it’s time for a new car :).  Many cars have a way of letting you know, some subtle and some not so subtle hints :).  Ours was a NOT SO SUBTLE HINT. LOL :).  Other cars a blinking light here, a fuse there, a battery or engine part there lol, ours was to decide to submarine under the back end of a Ford Escape, as I said in the previous post no one was hurt.  The incident happened at less then 20 mph speed so no air bags deployed and the likes. Both drivers, my guy and the lady driving the Escape were just more startled then anything, but anyways on with this post about the new car :).

The following picture is a picture of the new car, which he still is trying to figure out what to call it since the Lady Jane is no more, he’s thinking Serenity, but hasn’t made up his mind yet. LOL :).

New Car

2011 Ford Taurus

Now to get into the story here.  Once he got the amount he was going to be able to get.  He then told me that amount plus other specifics he wanted me to use to find just the right car.  My heart has always been set on a Ford Taurus so this worked out well.  He didn’t want to by from any other company that was given money by the government, and I sure as heck didn’t want a foreign job like a Toyota and the likes, so it was Ford or nothing :). So I went on the internet and started digging through actual dealerships instead of the little shady seed joint dealerships out there and came up with 5 possible locations for us to go look at the cars, cause as he was saying the clock is ticking and fast cause we were renting a car for like 200 a week. I found the cars and locations and had to wait until he got home from work to hand over the pages of the possible cars :).

No sooner he looked at the first one it was like, WHOA! Shiny!; this being the car up above, but he still went through and put the locations in order of which we would go look at them, but we didn’t even get past the first one :). LOL.  He drove it and definitely wanted it, and he also said it was the better deal of all the other cars that were on the list, so that night we came home in a new car :). LOL.

His words today are as follows: “But if you want my opinion about the car itself? It is POSH. It is built like a brick house. Driving it feels more like flying the Space Shuttle than driving a car. The driver is just cocooned in his operating position, and the touch on the controls is so light I feel like I’m controlling it with my thoughts while on the freeway.”

So there we have it lol, a brand new car that says we’ve moved up in life and are living high off a hog, living the high life and more.  Very much says “Executive” when we aren’t :).  There is lots of room without elbows and legs being cramped and the likes and still have many of the things that he had, just updated :). This is what the center console looks like :).

Center Console

Center Console

This console has Sirius Radio and many other features.  I can even control my side of the cars temp, which is a plus, cause he tends to freeze or burn me up when I was unable to control it lol.  It has 4 cup holders and yes there are places hidden under the covers and in the back that are auxiliary power outlets for charging phones and iPads and the likes.  There’s even a vent in the back so that the back passengers can get heater or ac air back in the back :).  The steering wheel has radio control so the driver never has to take his hands off the steering wheel while driving as well as the cruise controls :).

This car is space aged and we are loving it :).  This will be a nice comfortable ride out east when we finally do go visit family, or even out west towards California to see more family :).  The lap of Luxury has landed for us and we didn’t even win the Powerball or Mega Million 🙂 LOL. Luck was on our side and we are very thankful for it right now.  This car is a boat and comfortable :).  I even feel safer in it then I did the Saturn :).

Well if anything else comes in mind I’ll probably add it or not, don’t know yet.  This is enough, and I’m not trying to brag about it either.  This was just the lucky one that caught Erbo’s attention :).  Type more later, if something blog wise comes up in my thoughts lol :).


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Damn the pollen is really bad out there.  Hopefully here in the very near future we will be getting rain to wash down all the dirt and pollen and clean the air SOON!

The stuff is finally kicking me in the ass, it took it long enough, but now I’m starting to feel the allergies seriously kicking in.  I decided this morning to take one of my Zyrtec 24 hour pills, so hopefully I won’t feel it too bad today.

I think it’s because we’ve done a lot of running around recently starting with the trip in the urban cowboy truck, to looking at a new car and getting one.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have allergies, but then the world isn’t perfect, someone has one thing or another issue from asthma to other illnesses.

I’m up right now cause my stomach was growling for me to eat some breakfast, and I will probably go back to bed later for a little while or not. LOL.  I’ve just been told that somethings that we’ve ordered recently might be in today. 🙂

Oh as for the shopping for a new car, we found one, and I will probably post about it later on :).  I’ve got to get pictures and a description from my man on what he thinks LOL.  I definitely know that the man is in love with the car and man oh man he isn’t the only one, but then I was very adamant about getting this type of car, but wow wasn’t expecting how it rides and all the bells and whistles in it :).  I’ll talk more about that later, so back to the subject at hand.

The pollen and all that is out there is definitely kicking in, and as I said before, I HOPE we get some rain soon so that it can clean the air and wash down the pollen and dirt :).  I so want to get over these allergies, but I’ve a feeling until spring has fully blossomed and bloomed, I and every else that suffers from allergies, will continue to do so.


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Ok people are wondering about that title aye.  Well I’ll clarify it for you 🙂 LOL.

Yesterday on the way home from work, there was a little incident that dealt with the front end and the back end of two cars.

Yes there was an accident and my man was at fault, but thankfully it was well below 20 mph, and sadly our car got the worst of the damage.  He accidentally ran into the back end of a Ford Escape, so needless to say the Saturn took most of the damage. According to him the only headlight that wasn’t messed up is now gone, the bumper shockingly enough is still gorilla taped and didn’t fall off, the radiator is destroyed, the hood is slightly crumpled, and there is no telling what else is wrong with it, not until the insurance adjuster comes looking at it.  The bumper on the other vehicle is just slightly dented where the Saturn had run under it a little.  Thankfully no one was injured and only the cars, though the Saturn the worst, this time it wasn’t able to bounce back like it usually does LOL.  If the insurance says the car is totaled, I’m wondering if this was someones way of saying you need a new car before you go on vacation this summer :). LOL that would be way to scarey if it was LMAO!

Well after the wrecker came and took the car, he had to walk home, and I think it was a mile or so walk from the accident sight, and the poor man was exhausted and hurting.  He finally soaked in the tub for a little while and took some Tylenol before he came to bed. Anyways as for the title of this little piece :).

He had to call Enterprise to rent a car for a week, and well, they did say they had a Ford Focus for him, but found out nope they didn’t so they gave him the use of a GMC Crew Cab and said they’d give him something differently, hopefully, next Monday.  They did give him a deal though for not having the correct car available when they said they did :).  Here’s the picture he took of the truck and sent to me:

GMC Crewcab

Erbo Cowboy play on Urban Cowboy 🙂 LOL

His words exactly sent over the phone message was this upon seeing the truck his thoughts: “Yeah, this thing is like the Urban Cowboy Special :)”. LOL and I say the last time I was in a GMC was back in the late 70s and early 80s.  I’m a country redneck gal, and I haven’t been in a pickup truck in years! LOL. When you live in the country a pickup truck was a staple of living in the country :).  He also said that the thing drives good but it’s still a boat :).  Like duh :).  Yes they drive good, but they are built like a boat for a reason to be able to handle heavy work load.  Oh yeah he also told me it’s a 4×4 and I have NEVER been in a 4×4, which means that you can kick it into the 4×4 gear and go off road driving without issues, or as for here in Colorado, when it snows :).

Anyways, my man survived and wasn’t injured and the other driver wasn’t hurt either, so that was a VERY good thing.  He says he disappointed me and the likes cause he wasn’t able to bring home supper and he was really hard on himself,  and said he wouldn’t blame me if I left and I told that man that you ain’t getting rid of me that easily babe.  I love him no matter what the hell happened.  I’m very much thankful that he’s alive and well and can still walk, work and wasn’t injured. Thank you Lord for small favors. Amen.

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Ok ya’ll remember me saying that all of last week and over the weekend it was beautiful and in the 70s and 80s, well not now lol :).

Our weather went from this; beautiful weekend:

Blue Sky

Blue Sky

To this; weather today:

Grey Sky

Grey Sky and snow!

Got to love living in Colorado, where the weather can change in a heartbeat from nice and beautiful and spring and summer like; right back into winter! Mother Nature has decided that instead of the nice weather she has sent Colorado recently, that it was time to change it up again :).  Ol’ Man Winter must have complained loud enough for her to allow him back in. LOL. 🙂

Well I’m not to worried about it.  At least I don’t live in an area now that with the drastic weather change from hot to cold, that it didn’t spur up any nasty storms with tornadoes involved with it.  It started out as rain yesterday, with snow up in the mountains, and the rain turned into snow over night for us here in Denver.  It’s suppose to snow off and on all day and a possible 8 inches in some areas south of Denver in it’s surrounding metro area.  So who knows really what we will be getting around here until May :).

Good news with this rain and the snow, the Lower North Fork fire is now 100% completely contained! Yeah! Sadly though 3 people lost their lives and a lot more lost their homes and dreams and memories with this fire.  We definitely need this rain or snow, as long as we get some type of moisture here.  I seriously hate La Nina, but you can’t stop the weather patterns or control them.  What will happen, will happen, no matter what.  We can’t predict our future and the weather is just as bad :).  Seriously though the weather people definitely did pick up on this correctly, so they some times do get things right on many occasion :).

To those who have never been to Colorado, well Welcome! But be prepared for the sudden shift in weather, cause that could change at any moment :).


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Wow! Denver and Colorado is now going through a weather change right now.

Over the weekend we were beautiful blue skies and 80 degree weather, and today we are in the 40s, windy and cold.  We are expecting rain here in Denver, while in the mountains they are getting snow right now.

I’m glad I was able to get out this weekend before the drastic weather change and the likes.  I would not like to have been caught up there in the mountains in the snow.

Rain is suppose to start here in Denver around 2 p.m. mountain time, and surprise of all surprises (not really live here long enough and you’ll get use to the drastic weather changes lol), our rain is suppose to turn over to snow and rain mix after 10 p.m. tonight and then into snow.  We are expecting about 1 to 2 inches of snow, which will only stick to the grassy areas and not the roads and the likes.

I’m not knocking this weather change, we need all the help we can get precipitation wise, cause we are very dry AND the pollen needs to be washed away.  Also, this snow and rain will help with the wild fire, which is now 97% contained, and everyone will be very happy to see this rain and snow we are going to get.  The rain and snow will continue on until tomorrow’s weather.  I don’t know when it will be ending Tuesday, but Weds we are suppose to be back in the lower 60s and clear :).

I enjoy the weather, though I enjoy the milder weather more then the hot weather, but at least we are going to enjoy the drastic change, or at least I will be enjoying it, I don’t know about anyone else :).


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