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Wow big lottery jackpots bring out the stupid people who spend all their damn money on a shit load of tickets instead of on what’s necessary in life.

I guess GREED is well and strong in this world today, especially here in the great USA.

I don’t brag about buying a shit load of tickets and post pictures and shit like that on Facebook.  That’s just STUPID!

At least I know where my happiness lies, and it lies with the love of myself, my family and those of friends who ACTUALLY CARE, not those who PRETEND to CARE.  I also know my happiness is in knowing that God loves me no matter what.

MONEY doesn’t make anyone REALLY happy just GREEDY and STUPID.  I’m happy with what my man can get me and all but we also don’t splurge every last cent we have on buying a shit load of lottery tickets, that if not winning tickets become more litter for the garbage and the world.  You people are really stupid thinking that all those tickets might be lucky when before you know it you’ll get a kick in the ass cause guess what YOU DID NOT WIN!

You could have spent that money on something else that would be more important, like food or even something for your pets or you children, or even helping out a family member, but NOOOO you’d rather spend it on litter which is what non-winning tickets turn into.  Nothing but trash.

Man I hope all you silly people out there fall flat on your ass when you LOSE cause it’s going to be very hard for ANYONE to win, but keep spending your money frivolously, cause that’s all you are doing, you are no better then the government who spends our own money that we deserve and need on other frivolous shit.  Have fun and I hope the ground isn’t too hard on your ass when you fall to the ground and blow a fit for not winning a stupid lottery jackpot, but if it is hard when you hit, tough shit you deserve it.

That’s all I have to say to you stupid people out there.

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Well with all the wind yesterday that we had here and the gusts were up in the 30s or so, a 4 acre burn area quickly turned into a 44 acre burn within an hour, and now it’s over 4000 acres of land on fire. Man it’s going to be a bad year, this year for Colorado in that area.  We are so dry from the very little snow and rain over the winter it’s not funny.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about water restrictions going up this summer.  That would seriously suck.

Well thankfully today the wind is barely blowing and they were able to call in fire air support to start dumping water on the fire, so hopefully it will soon be under control.  Also hopefully they will be able to get the fire retardant out there to help get this fire under control as well.

One who has come from Arkansas definitely understands fire hazards and warnings out there, cause Arkansas was basically nothing but pine trees from one side to the other, hence one of the reasons that the state is also known as the Natural State cause of all those forests and more out there.  I was living in the Oauchita Mountain foot hills back in them days in a trailer park along Hwy 7 leading towards Hot Springs.  Talk about nothing but trees and hills around with few streams rambling through.  When a fire hit our home was always in danger of being taken over by flames, but thankfully during the times I lived there we never had one except up on West Mountain that went down the hill towards the backyards of the homes that were in Hot Springs, so I sympathize with those people that have lost their homes to wild fires and the likes.

I hope we do not lose lives with these fires and God be with the fire fighters and other authority figures out there dealing with the massive wild fire.  There is some good that comes from this fire, and that is the dead pine trees that the pine beetles have killed off and will be taken care of, but the loss of life and homes and memories isn’t.


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You know what really sucks is when you get insomnia.

Insomnia is the worse sleeping disorder anyone can have, and I do have a mild case of it, but I’ve got family members that are much worse off with insomnia.

I will either do XBOX, be online via the computer or be up reading a book or two.

I hate having even a mild case of insomnia, but some times it just can’t be helped.  I also do not want to take anything to help me sleep, cause the one pill I do take with a sleep aid, makes me feel like hell the next day and lingers to long.  So I just read or something to wear my brain down to shut it off :).

Anyways, I am now going to head back to bed.  Sleep well to those who are still up, and have a great day for those who just woke up or are over the date and time line :).


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Well I went and took a couple of pictures of my new fan, which I put together with very little help :). I love it when I can do that. I’ll just post one picture of the fan :).

My last fan I had bit the dust over a year ago.  It was a standing Oscillating Fan, where this one is a desk top fan :).  It’s also all metal, which is better then the all plastic ones out there :).

Metal Fan

Metal Fan

This little fan is definitely doing it’s job, and I love it! This will also help me deal with the summer heat, cause I don’t want to always run the AC since I’ve moved to Colorado.

Now when I lived in Arkansas, there was no way in hell that we could survive the summer without the AC’s running.  The humidity down there was horrible along with the awful heat indexes! Ugh, talk about no sooner you step outside your clothes stick to your body cause of the instant sweat that gathers on your skin just from the humidity alone.  Also it don’t help much when your temps get into the 100s down there, and then add in the heat indexes over 100. EW! Anyways, I’m very happy to be living in Colorado because there is like NO humidity.  It’s dry and very comfortable, though you can see the dry air affect on your skin, that’s what moisturizing lotion is for :).  I’ll take this over humidity any day, but sadly I’ll have to deal with some humidity when I go visit family cause they live in Illinois and Arkansas.  I’ll suffer the humidity just to see my family and loved ones :).




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Well today is a very windy and gusty day in Denver, CO.  It is causing issues with fires and with the power around certain areas, so there are going to be brownouts and blackouts from time to time.

So far, my sister has been having brownouts, while the radio station I’m listening too has lost power twice in less then 5 minutes.  Yep Mother Nature is having a hay day with everyone here in Denver.  Thankfully it hasn’t happened to my area yet, but ours might be less do to our power lines and such being buried under ground.

The weather is very beautiful here today with it being 80 degrees outside.  It’s wonderful and relaxing, at least for me, but not for those who will most likely have to be out and about taking care of forest fires, wild fires and grass fires.  We do need some rain though cause it’s getting very parched out there moisture wise.  I just wish La Nina would just go away, but we already know we can’t stop these cycles from happening.

Wind Chime and Pine Tree


This is a picture of what the wind is doing outside the patio door.  It’s blowing pretty hard out there.  I’m think today here in Denver cold almost put the “Windy City” to shame over in Illinois :). People are enjoying this day though, I’m seeing lots of people on their bikes and walking instead of driving, but this usually does happen here in Colorado during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons :).  I can’t wait to be able to take a break on an actual weekend and go driving up in the mountains just to look around and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy and I’ll be putting up more posts with pictures in it :).

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Well yesterday was payday.  He got all the bills paid and the likes.  He also seemed to have a bad day yesterday to the point he was known as grumpy britches to me for a little while lol.

I’m the one that was telling him to chill this time around LOL, so when he got home we got out for a little while.  We stopped at a Taco Bell and ordered some food and we went to sit in a park to eat it and enjoy the beautiful evening as the sun was setting.  I’d ordered one of those new Locos Taco Supreme with a regular taco and and burrito supreme.  OMG the Locos Taco was de-lish! It is the new Doritos nacho cheese shells :).  I will probably get more in the near future 🙂 if they are still around when we go to Taco Bell again :).

After we ate our supper we went on down to the Wal-mart in beautiful small town of Elizabeth, CO and got things there.  It got us both away from the house for a little while.  On the way there I saw a herd of deer in a field, they were walking along a small tree line.  Sadly I saw them a little to late and didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them, plus it was getting a dark and my flash wouldn’t have reached them from the road when they were about half an acre or so away from the road.

I would love to own about 5 or so acres of land, but the only way we could do that would be to win the Powerball, but that pretty much is useless around here when the Powerball is always won on the East Coast and not here in Colorado.  It also doesn’t help when my man wants to wait until it’s in the 100 millions to even buy a ticket.  Yeah I know he does that for a reason cause he says you wouldn’t live long on 40 million, which I think we could, but I wasn’t going to argue with him.  He also doesn’t want to waste a lot of money on it either that could be used for other things.  Oh well I can only dream of ever owning that much land I guess, but it’s a great dream.

Anyways, after the trip he was still in a slight grumpy mood but his mood eventually improved to the point that he started working on getting sissy’s computer system fixed.  He got all the files he needed to transfer, transferred and then he’ll eventually start with doing the rest like replace the mother board of the system with what he bought.  He also will have to do some work for his job from home this weekend as well.

I also started the roast we bought from Wal-Mart around 2 or 3 this morning so it should be ready by the evening so that he won’t have to go out for food for us and take time away from his work to feed us, but as for tomorrow, he will have to go get something for us to eat. 🙂

I had fun getting out of the house, I always have fun, cause it’s a pain in my ass when I don’t and I start getting cabin fever.  Soon enough we will be able to finally go back up into the mountains and look out of the beautiful world around us as it continues to blossom into spring :).


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Well lets just say this, Tebow is being traded, first it was to the Jets until the Jets discovered a slight clause in his contract that they would have to pay him 5 million dollars, now they’ve decided NOT to take on Tebow and have stepped back.

Now Jacksonville is back in the running and they REALLY REALLY want him, and I hope that they do get him, cause that would be his home stomping grounds, and I think he will do Jacksonville proud! Go Tebow!  I’d love to see a Bronco and Jaguars game and see who does better.  Tebow has a lot of potential within him if people will just give him time and help him reach that potential. Who ever gets Tebow has so much more potential to reach the Super Bowl then some do.

Yeah Manning is good, but gee don’t get me wrong, the man is 36, was out of football for a whole YEAR and has gone through 4 neck surgeries, but that don’t mean he is up to his power house self that he was when he first started playing for the NFL, but best of luck anyways and it will be the Broncos loss and Elway’s failure if Manning gets hurt and can no longer play.

I will continue to be a fan of Tim Tebow, because he has talent, he is worth it and is a good man and a good role model. Whoever gets Tim Tebow will have a horde of fans to help them along the way, and I’ve got a gut instinct that Tebow will hit the Super Bowl and when he does the Broncos will see what they lost, and I’m not going to feel sorry for them.  They picked, they traded, they made their bed and they’ll have to sleep in it!

Good luck to you Tim Tebow, and know that you have a ton of fans out there that will support you and be there to watch you.  God Bless and I hope the Jaguars will get you :). You will be missed here in Denver by your many fans, but the haters out there are way to far happy that you are gone, cause they can’t see your potential like many of us can.


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