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*sighs* I know so far right now that we’ve lost 6 very good friends that was friends with all of us from Class of ’90.  We aren’t even 50 yet in our class but we are losing classmates to natural and other causes.


Why are we suffering so much? What have we done? How can we try to survive longer.  My high school years from 11th grade and on was the only time I really felt like my life was good.  I’d been bullied so much while I was growing up, I was very thankful when I finally hit 11th grade, cause I’d finally been able to keep the bullies at bay just by ignoring them.


I always had things keeping my mind and such occupied just to get away from that bullying.  My life has improved so much since then and I am guessing my move to Denver helped with those life improvements and such, but it still makes me wonder what we in the Class of ’90 did to deserve the lose of classmates?  Or am I just over thinking things?


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Ugh this seriously sucks.  Apparently my disc of Microsoft Word has reached it’s limit on being able to be activated, but the thing is this was on my computer long before I had to shut it down and get a new motherboard and CPU why are they asking me to reactivate it when I never stopped activating it?  This is just downright stupid.

Anyways looks like I can’t work on my stories or anything until we figure out what is going on and such.  Amy is busy with things so hell who knows when I’ll be able to use word again on my main pc now that it is up and running again.  This is just frustrating as hell.


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