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I’m sorry about not keeping things going here.  Just life in general gets very busy for me and usually I have nothing really to really write about. 🙂

Well here’s a few things:

My health is still the same and I’m staying healthy to the best of my ability. My asthma is in good control and my protime or NRI is doing great and the diabetes is the only thing being stubborn even though I’ve lost weight, it just doesn’t want to give up it’s foot hold, but you know, I’m still walking and breathing and eventually the diabetes will give up it’s hold, I just have to keep doing whatever it is I’m doing to help get it there.

My sister finally got her book out there and has had a number of her books bought, and she has even been asked to write the rest of her life story by a few people that have bought her book :).  I hope she does, cause her life is very interesting compared to mine :), but just to give a heads up, if anyone goes to Amazon.com and looks up “Don’t Cry Broken Angel” be prepared for some rather graphic reading and it’s all true.

We bought our godsons/nephews their own xbox one for Christmas this year with a some games so that when I’m on the xbox one and on one of those games, then they can join me in play.

I also saved up over $1000 to build myself a brand new system, I’ve named it Phoenix and have retired my old machine, Kaliska, which will be used for a new and better updated server for our family minecraft, in hopes that it will be less laggy then what we have for that right now since Delenn is used as more of a mail server for my fiance’s comcast mail gathering and a few other things.

Erbo (Eric) and I have been together for 7 years and are still going strong.  We still have minor political arguments and a few other arguments, but you know; lol, that’s just us.  We are still very much in love and very happy with each other :).  We take care of each other and I am slowly getting back into cooking home meals from time to time so we don’t always have to bring home take out.

Penny, our little kitty, is doing fine and still healthy and well loved and she returns the love 10 fold.  She’s a wonderful and very loving pet, and we still think of her as our child, though she is a black kitty with a touch of white on her belly and chest and has four legs and meows and purrs instead of talking back or talking :).

My dad is doing great over in Illinois and we keep in contact as much as possible :).  I’ll most likely soon enough be saving up to get him a new computer that he can pick up at Best Buy and what not.  The one he has, had finally given up the ghost, but then he won’t get it until his birthday come July.  I’m putting money aside right now to help pay off the card that Erbo used to get the boys their Christmas presents.  Hopefully that won’t be to long :).

My mom and step-dad are doing well as well.  They are both healthy and my step-dad still drives those 18 wheelers.  Mom has semi-retired from driving the big trucks cause of some of her health issues, but other then that they are both doing well.

I had a shock last year just before Christmas.  I ended up getting a Christmas card from my brother and his girlfriend and her family for Christmas.  I was like oh my really.  It’s about time my brother found someone who can put up with his shit and keep him in line :).  Don’t get me wrong, I love my brother to bits, but it’s best that we stay apart, but it’s nice to hear from him from time to time cause at least then I know he’s doing fine.  As for his health, I have no clue, but I hope it has improved since I last seen him a few years back when Eric and I went to Illinois to visit dad for his birthday.  We also went and seen mom and my step-dad and a few other family members, including my Aunt in Arkansas.

As for the rest of my time so far, it’s been playing minecraft, trying to continue to write books, playing on the xbox and on Second Life.  Sadly my creative juices are kind of blocked right now and it’s hard for me to try to write or build things, so I play on the xbox and facebook and listen to my music in hopes that some day soon enough I’ll be able to get back to the writing and being creative again, but until then I’ll do what ever I can do to have fun and such.

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Yeah this is one of those days.  I seriously hate being awake this damn early.  I just want more sleep.

These days are days that you have to make sure you are up to either catch a delivery or as today be up because chimney sweeps are coming into the apartment to clean your chimney because the apartment complex has decided to get the chimneys clean after a winter use.  This is like the first time that I’ve been here, in almost 5 years, that they have done this.

The chimney sweeps, will be doing building 1 thru 5 today from 9 to 5, so I don’t know when they’ll be showing up here, but when they do I’ll have to put the cat up in the bedroom or a bathroom or the computer room just to keep her out from under feet.

Anyways, I just want more sleep. *sighs*


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Ugh! I’m not a happy camper this morning.  I seriously HATE at times being a woman, especially when your body constantly changes your mind.

Why you ask? Well lets just put it out there bluntly and this might be TMI to a lot of people, but oh well.

I swore I had stopped Friday night or early Saturday, but damned if my body decided to do something about that.  I woke up this morning on IT again, and I just WISH I could afford to go get my bits taken out so I didn’t have to worry about my unpredictable ass system and body.

WHY ME??? I sometimes just wish it would GO AWAY! I’m tired of my unpredictable body and my irregular flows! I guess I’m happy I wasn’t in the mood last night cause that would just have been to much for me to handle *sighs*.

I also wish this pollen would hurry up and go away as well but there is no telling when that will be happening, and I also wish the cat would stop scraping her food out of her dish and onto the floor and wasting food, but that ain’t going to happen any times soon.  I’m thinking of washing the new dish and such today just to change out her food dish and see what happens then.  Hell it may be her way of telling her she needs a clean dish.  I don’t know, how can you know what a cat is saying when they can’t speak.  You can’t read their minds.

Wishful thinking that’s all it is and I know for a fact that wishes like mine don’t come true.  Some of them do but not all of them, like the one dealing with the cat and her food and my annoying body and system.  I do have many good things that have happened in my life and one of them being the man I feel in love with and visa versa with him falling in love with me, for I was not looking and he came into my life.  Thank the good Lord for some things.


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Well today a lot of things have been happening, one of those things has been happening for a while now.  It seems the Bronco’s have signed on Peyton Manning as their new QB, which means from what I’ve heard that they will be trading Tim Tebow.  This kind of sucks, but I guess is kind of understanding, but still it sucks.  Tebow is a great QB, and I hope if he is being traded that he’ll be going home to Florida.  Apparently he misses his home and the south and Florida.  I hope and pray that he makes it back to Florida where he can once again be happy and be around his roots and his family.  Best of luck and prayers to you Tim Tebow! You will most definitely be missed here in Denver if you do head back home to Florida to one of the teams there.  Hope the Jaguars get you since that seems to be closer to your heart and soul.  God be with you.

Now on to other things :).

Spring is definitely here but some of Colorado is still receiving some snow, but thankfully not us here in Denver.  The sky is bright blue and the sun is bright and warm, sadly though the temp only hit 49 degrees here, but still it’s the typical weather for a Colorado spring! It is so nice to live up here in Denver, CO and I enjoy all of it!  Soon enough we will be hopefully driving up into the mountains to enjoy the wonderful spring weather and watching as the world comes awake from the deep slumber of Old Man Winter! Our weather though will be back up in the 60s and 70s before to long again. 🙂

Another thing that comes with spring though is the pollen that is going rabid around here right now.  The tree pollen is very HIGH and Denver has been on High Pollen Alert for over a week now.  So far I’ve not had any hard effects of Allergies hit me, but I know they are just around the corner.  Thankfully I’ve got Allegra, Sudafed and Zyrtec, and NO I do not mix the allergy pills.  It depends on the state of my sinuses and how I’m feeling which one I will take.  I do know that once I start being hit hard by the pollen and allergies, that I will most likely stick to my 24 hour stuff and not the lower hour stuff.  I only take any of my pills when I absolutely need them and that hasn’t been often yet.

I love spring time but I do not like allergy season that comes with it, but I will suffer through it if I need to.  I thankfully don’t break out in a rash like some people do and the likes.  My allergies ain’t that serious, and I’m thankful I’m up here in Colorado instead of in Arkansas now.  Man my allergies were horrible down there in Arkansas cause there are thousands of pine trees around and not that many here in Colorado.  The pine tree is after all the state tree down there in Arkansas while the dog wood is the state blossom, the diamond the state jewel and the mockingbird the state bird.  The pine tree pollen was murderous on my sinuses and everything while I was living there, I couldn’t even open up the darned windows or door without pollen being blown in and we had to start using the air conditioners earlier then ever down there cause of not only the pollen but the sticky icky humidity.

Let me tell you how bad that pollen was or is, if you have a car and haven’t driven it or washed it yet, when the pine trees pollinated there could be inches of yellow green pollen on the surface, let along that is what we were breathing in down there during the season and when we coughed it up it was a very ugly color and we had to take showers every day just to get the pollen off us, let alone cool down from the humidity.  Which is why I’m not  sad about missing the south, especially Arkansas.  It’s a beautiful place to live, but you have a lot you have to deal with down there during any time of the year from severe weather to humidity and pollen and the likes to ice storms and heat waves.

I’m very happy to live in Colorado, there is hardly if NO humidity here, and the pollen isn’t that bad here, except maybe up in the mountains where all the Ash trees and other trees are at, but still it’s beautiful and breathtaking here in Colorado. I might eventually post some old photos that I made over the years to the posts here in the near future just to show the beauty of the place.  From spring to winter.  Sadly the only summer time pics I might be able to post would be something dealing with fireworks and the likes, but until I’m ready to start doing that, well ya’ll will just have to be satisfied with what I type here. LOL :). Now onto other news :).

Recently there was a major wild grass fire in Eastern Colorado around Yuma.  Apparently some very old homes lived in for generations were caught in the fire and burned down.  Years and memories of their lives gone in a puff of smoke.  We get some powerful winds here and when they start gusting like they do it can get very deadly here.  With the grass still brittle from winter and not yet lush enough for spring everything around here is tinder waiting for one little spark or cigarette to land on it, and when it happens combustion insews and the fire starts eating everything in sight.  Thankfully they were able to contain the fire and get it out, but there were a few firefighters that were injured in the process, and thank God they weren’t any worse then they were and not killed in the flames.  I send my prayers out to those who lost everything and hope that they can recover and make a go at it again. Next news from my end :).

My man and I watched the first show of season 14 Dancing With The Stars last night and man there are some good competition in it this year with some actual STARS involved.  All the ones we watched except for one, will definitely be in the running for that Cheesy Mirror Ball Trophy, so far I’ve got at least 4 couples I’m routing for, but that will change as the season goes on. Best of luck to all couples in Season 14 of Dancing With The Stars! Next on my list :).

Our “cousin” Rikki has adopted a beautiful grey and white kitty who is around 5 months old.  She’s beautiful and adorable.  According to Rikki, Cloud (that’s her cats name), finally came out from under the bed to explore some and eat some.  Rikki also says that Cloud is very talkative and that she and Cloud do converse with each other :).  I don’t know the breed, but she is very beautiful.  Oh don’t take me wrong, our own cat Penny is very special and beautiful to us as well.  We just love animals, especially the cats and dogs.

My man has had his share of exotic pets, as he posted once before on his blog about, but mostly my pets dealt with cats and dogs.  I had dogs my entire life until 1997, then I got me a cat, but we still had dogs as well.  The dogs were my dads of course and mine as well, but they were mostly dads.  We still help my dad out in that area if he needs food for them.  I’ll be meeting more of the extended woof woof family that my dad has gotten since living in Illinois.  I’ll be hopefully seeing him this summer with a number of other family members, including some of my fiancee’s family members.  I hope this summer will be good for us to be able to do this.  I miss my family and it’s been like 2 or 3 years now since I last saw them. Now onto the final news.

My “sister” Naja went to her cardiac doctor the other day, and has now got clearance to be able to get the hysterectomy she seriously needs right now.  I will keep my prayers with her and her family as she goes through each step to get that done and send my love their way.  Love you all!

Sorry about that everyone.  Um lol.  My man decided to read my post and discovered some words that needed to be fixed, so I had to delete the entire post and replace it with a more up to date with correct words in the post! Oh well lol! 🙂 It’s done and I guess from here on out I need to do the post on notepad or notebook to make sure I put the correct words in there before I post from here on out :). LOL.

Ok well for now I think I need to close out this very long winded post that I’ve just done. LOL! 🙂 Hope everyone enjoys the things I’ve posted, and I hope your seasons and weather where you live are treating you well.  God bless everyone!


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Finally after my bought of frustration the other day, I’m a little more relaxed.  I actually didn’t run into any drama over XBOX. Thank goodness, but sadly yes we can’t avoid drama for it is a part of our lives.

Penny actually behaved herself yesterday, she didn’t get to Hurricane Penny status that day and was rather relaxed and was enjoying the attention and sunning herself from time to time.  Now as for today, I haven’t seen anything yet, but then Hurricane Penny could show up out of no where and cause chaos again. LOL.  Love that furry, four legged, black and white child (kitty)  of ours 🙂 even if she can be a handful at times :).  Maybe with that big speaker almost falling on her she kind of said whoa I need to chill or not get up there any more for now. hehe :).

Well this morning I went in and got my Pro-Time checked, and it was a 2.7, which is right in the area my doctor wants it to be.  My blood sugar and the likes has been in the 120s but would be better with more sleep :).  I’ve been doing fairly well of late and my blood pressure has been like 90 something over 60 or 70 something :).

Right now I’m relaxing before I check my blood pressure before I start to eat my big breakfast with hot cakes from McDonald’s with one milk and one OJ :).  These are one of the rare occasions that I get the chance to get breakfast.  Usually after the doctor office visit :). My man is on his way into work, and hopefully it is within the time frame he said he’d be out of the office.  He did get all the work or most of the work he was working on last night done, and that’s a good thing.  He even ordered himself some breakfast so we both have breakfast to eat.  He dropped me off at home and then headed out.  🙂

I played plenty on Wizards yesterday and after I got off there with my sister last night, I got my shot and pills taken.  Sadly I got on XBOX for a little while and played for about 2 1/2 or 3 hours, then remembered, damn I have to get my Pro-Time checked in the morning, then got off there and went to bed.  Now it’s time to relax and deal with a few games on Face Book and the likes before I eat.  Until next time (when ever that will be)! 🙂


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Ok so now I’m frustrated to the point of crying right now.  Penny has been misbehaving today and she finally made me blow my gasket.  No I didn’t hurt her or anything, but she went and knocked off one of the big speakers in the master bedroom.

Now lets hope she learns not to do that again.  I just hope that my man will be in a good mood to deal with Hurricane Penny.  I’ve had to shut off the master bedroom to keep her out of it, now lets hope her destructive hyper active mood doesn’t wind up destroying our computer network.  I just don’t know what the hell has gotten into her this morning and I don’t even want to find out.  She’s been batting at things again and I haven’t even run my electric razor for almost a week.

I probably have everyone in the apartment building wondering what the hell that was with me yelling at her and the patio door wide open.

God give me strength to get over what ever the hell has frustrated me today.  I slept at least 8 hours yet how the hell can I be over tired again.

Maybe it was all the drama happening over xbox last night, so I’ll be avoiding it for a little while.  I SERIOUSLY HATE DRAMA.

Hell it’s also probably my horrible mood swings because I’ll be starting soon and the PMS is really going to be bad this month.  Maybe even my cycle.  Hell I don’t know any more.

I SERIOUSLY hate being like this.  I’m usually never like this PERIOD, but for some reason it’s like right there on the edge of blowing up. *sighs*

As for the drama on XBOX last night, lets just say I will not pick friends over other friends.  One friend says he doesn’t like this group cause of something they do, yet when that group I play with a few of them from that group doesn’t.  I don’t know what the hell they did to each other, but seriously folks please stop dragging me into the middle of the drama.  I like everyone I play with on there, but damn it I won’t choose over one or the other but if you don’t want to be my friend cause I’m friends with another person that you don’t like get over it ok and you can easily remove me from your list and it won’t be no skin off my nose.


Anyways, I might have more to deal with later but honestly I don’t give a fuck about it and if people find my blog, especially this one bad cause of the cuss words I DO NOT CARE.  I have a right to type what I want and this is adult language in so many blogs out there it shouldn’t be no issue to ANYONE.  Free speech after all! God Bless America for that!


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Ahh spring has pretty much sprung here in Colorado, but we have yet to know if there will be snow in the near future to give us a final blast of Old Man Winter.

I’m sitting here on the couch in front of the patio door, and I just opened it.  If I could take out the sounds of the city driving I’d be even happier, but sadly I do live in the southern part of Denver.

I’m listening to a male sparrow calling out for a mate and it’s a beautiful sound.  The sparrow is in the pine tree outside the patio.

We have the same family of sparrows coming back to next and make a home in the bush outside the computer room window, to bad it hasn’t been fixed or I’d have it open for the cat to enjoy the view all the more.

Yes that reminds me lol.  The sparrow that is hunting for a mate decided to fly down to the patio flooring and Penny jumped off the back of the couch and pounced the glass.  She wasn’t happy that she couldn’t have that bird for lunch or din din. LOL.

The sparrow flew up to the railing of the patio and sat there for a while looking down at Penny, and I swear I think he was laughing at her.  Poor Penny just sat down there on the floor eying the sparrow and started her insane chirping and meowing she uses when she sees a bird so ripe for picking and she can’t get it. Hehe, so I went ahead and feed her some food.

Now back on subject here, the temps here in the mile high city have been in the 60s and 70s and will continue in the neck of the woods at least until next Monday, when the temps start to slip back into the upper and mid 50s.  We are also suppose to be getting rain as far as I can see Tuesday and Weds.

Here in Denver there is really no telling what the weather will do at this time of year.  It could snow or it could be tornadic and the likes do to severe weather, so we basically just go with things day by day and enjoy the weather when it’s just right :).  My outdoor allergies will soon start up, and soon I’ll be suffering from both indoor and outdoor allergies, but thankfully I’ve got the allergy medicine that covers both :).

I’m just going to sit back, eat something and enjoy the mix of outdoor life with my country music.  I hope spring will be wonderful to others and to those who get the really bad weather, God will be watching over you, and I hope all survive, though some might not, but at least try your best to stay alive out there.

Have a wonderful day and enjoy it when you can and breath in the clean air and get ready to plant your gardens :).  ENJOY!

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You know there is that special four legged person that you come to love, that you have either found on the streets or rescued from the humane society, but still you gave them a home.

Well my first cat I ever finally got to have was back in the year 1997, not long after the March 1st tornado outbreak in Arkansas that the twister decided to go behind my house.  We moved soon after that, cause it took damn near 2 hours for my dad and brother to get home from work cause all the regular routes home were blocked by downed trees and debris.  It’s like a damn bomb went off not far behind our home.

Brother decided after that day that he would head to Oklahoma, while dad and I headed up to Jacksonville, AR to live.  This is where I got my very first cat.  I still had my dog Natasha, but sadly not long after the tornado outbreak, she died of natural causes.

A neighbor in the trailer park where we were living was fostering pets for the local human society, and I met Deamon, who had two personalities, the lovey dovey during heat and then the demon cat from hell.  Well she wasn’t really a demon, but she did have different personalities, Deamon and Deamonese. Deamon had just weaned her 1st litter of kittens and was probably just turning a year old.  She was a good mouser and she was also a Torte.  Those who know cat breads will know a Torte :).

Deamon had a way of letting you know in no uncertain terms that she had enough petting and loving, when she would wind up clawing and biting you.  Yep that’s her cat from hell side.  During her heat cycles though she was all over you wanting attention, and this was her Deamonese side :).

She lived from 1997 to 2007 so she lived a good life.  I had to have her put to sleep for advanced breast cancer, it was to far along to catch, and I couldn’t afford the vet care for her.  She’d been a good cat and had live very long and good life.  I still miss her from time to time but I know she is no longer suffering in pain and bleeding profusely like she was.  She is now in kitty heaven in the eternal catnip fields enjoying her new life up there and very happy.

My fiance had a cat who was very old, and Starry Star lived for a long, long time after he and his ex had picked her out.  According to him, Star, was already old when they’d gotten her.  She waited until he was no longer alone in life before she quietly passed away on the way to the vet.  I was there to support him and for him to lean on, so we know both cats are now in the eternal catnip fields playing with each other and the other kitties that have passed on in this world.  They are no longer in pain and are healthy up there.  They will be forever missed.

Then just last year or the year before we finally broke down and went over the the Dumb Friends League right down the street from us and picked out another kitty to love and cherish, and in arrive Penelope or Penny for short.  She’d just weaned her kittens two weeks pryer to going up for adoption.  We feel in love with her.  She is well loved and taken care of and returns that love unconditionally.  She’s usually a goody kitty, but then there are times that she is a Miss Toot Girl 🙂 as you have all previously read about the cat food blunder post I posted last month. LOL :). Penny has a mix of both Deamon and Star in her with the way she acts at times.  We sometimes accidentally calls her by one of our former kitty names.  I sometimes call her Deamon, but it’s gotten less and Erbo sometimes ended up calling her Star, but it’s not as prominent as it was at the beginning of us getting her.

You know having pets can enhance a person’s life and it feels so good to be able to say hey I saved that animal’s life.  Dogs and Cats are the best, but there are so many animals out there that have been abused from cats, dogs, horses and more.  Or they just couldn’t be taken care of cause of money situations.  It’s very hard to have to let your pet go if you can’t take care of them.  I’ve been in that situation many a time.  I’ve seen way to many shows that show animals just being abandoned and left to try and fiend for themselves instead of taking the time to take the animal to a shelter that hopefully has room.

People if you can’t take care of your pets, then try your best to try and get them to a shelter, or try your best to find someone who CAN afford to take care of an animal.  It is so much better then leaving them to defend for themselves, starving to death and the likes.  That is no way for an animal to be left to die.  It’s sad and irritating as hell and it makes me want to just go around and beat some sense into the people who abuse animals to for the fun of it or abandon them to starve to death.  You aren’t human beings if you are doing that, you are nothing but animals yourself.  Animals have feelings as well as we humans do, they just can’t speak up about it and report it, but they can show you that they do by attacking you back if you’ve abused them and the likes. Get a life people and those that abuse animals need to go to jail and stay there.

Anyways, I’ll get off my soap box for now, but be smart.  If you have a pet and can’t afford to take care of them find someone who can.  Pets are loving beings and need a home as much as we do.  If I could I’d try and take every single animal I could in, but that isn’t likely since that would also be known as hording and I don’t want to wind up in jail for that or forced to get rid of some of them.  If I had a nice big farm I’d definitely try if I could but still that won’t happen unless I win the Powerball, which isn’t likely to happen any time soon. 🙂

Enjoy your pets, and love them for they are a part of your family and they will return the love and attention.  They deserve so much more and better things, but if you can’t afford all those wonderful things we know pets could use, don’t worry, just make sure they are loved and well taken care of.  Make sure they are fixed and have a microchip in them as well as are up to date on all their shots.  Most importantly, love them and keep them feed if that’s all you can do.  They are as precious as a child and deserve to be loved and treated well.

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This is one of those days again that you just want to say fuck it and roll back over and go back to sleep.

Yeah lets put it this way.  Only have a few hours of sleep the day before, then spending all morning and most of the night, at least until XBOX Live started acting up around 2 or 3 a.m. in the morning Colorado, USA, Mountain Time.

After the last kick off from the game I said fuck it and went to bed.  I did send word to all my friends that I was playing with at the time that I was heading out and going to bed.  I wasn’t going to be rude to them LOL.

I went to bed, got woke up by a call from my father between 6 and 6:30 a.m. this morning letting me know that hey they survived the tornado that just gusted through.  I was like huh what?! but at least they were ok :).

Then after the brief conversation with my dad, I rolled back over and went back to sleep until the 7:45 a.m. alarm went off on my phone, to make sure that I got my fiancee out of bed to get ready for work.  I thought it was the 8 a.m. one, but nope it was the first one and oops sorry dear for kicking you out of bed before the second alarm went off :).

Then while he was getting dressed, I felt like I had a hang over from hell and I don’t drink, honest.  I’m guessing it was from the lack of sleep I’d had the previous night or morning I should say. hehe 🙂

All I remember after the I love yous and the kiss was him heading out the bedroom with Penny and closing the door and I yelled out be safe, but nothing after that until I woke again around 12:30 that afternoon.

My mind has been fuzzy and off center all day and even tonight lol.  Anyways, I’m going to try and get some sleep tonight and maybe won’t feel so bad tomorrow :).  Until next time I post. Nini, good morning, good afternoon or good evening :).


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Ok everyone basically knows we have a kitty.  Her name is Penny :).

Anyways, apparently this kitty was trying to wake up two people who sleep soundly cause someone forgot to check her dish before they went to bed.

I thought from time to time I was hearing her pounce on our bedroom door, which she usually does to either want attention or is complaining that her food dish is empty :).

Well apparently this round of door pouncing didn’t wake us up.  I finally wake up and climb out of the bed just after 2 p.m., so yes I’ve not been up long and I’m typing this.

I come into the living room and low and behold, just shy of the hallway, I see the cat good bag of Purina Indoor cat lying on it’s side with a nicely chewed hole in it. LMAO

It seems that Penny got impatient with her humans and decided to feed herself by eating out of the bag LMAO!  I’m not very happy with the discovery but defininently you can tell that before we adopted her she was use to fending for herself while she was on the street. 🙂

So I put food in her dish and poured the rest into the container that has her hairball control food in it and throw the sack away.  Now lets see if next time she gets it in her loveable ornary head of trying to get food again.  I just hope that mixing those two feed won’t make her stick her nose up at the food she apparently likes more then the other, but how the hell else can we keep the food safe from bugs and Penny when she gets hungry :).

We love our Penny even if she can be a toot girl from time to time.

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