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Ok you know what really pisses me the fuck off.  It’s the stupid people out there threatening to shut down Walmart by Black Friday, just cause of the way Walmart hires and pays their people.

You people are so fucking STUPID.  You aren’t thinking about anyone but yourself and FUCK YOU.  You think you are so much BETTER then start your own fucking company up and start hiring people to work, BUT to threaten to SHUT DOWN a major company that gives people jobs to have money to pay their BILLS and to put FOOD on the TABLE for their kids and to put CLOTHES on these kids, and to KEEP A ROOF over their heads. IT is just FUCKING STUPID!!!

Trying to shut down a company cause of their paying methods or INFERIOR what ever the FUCK is just stupid!!! You are fucking putting people OUT OF WORK JUST BEFORE FUCKING CHRISTMAS and in TODAY’S FUCKING ECONOMY! You are STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!

We are already fucking in deep with UNEMPLOYMENT around the whole fucking USA cause of the government! And you want to shut down a company WHO ARE GIVING PEOPLE JOBS! A company that I know of DID NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT MONEY to keep a float.

Well wake your sorry excuse of asses UP and think of the BIG BIG FUCKING PICTURE HERE! Do you SERIOUSLY want to shut down a company that has JOBS while other companies DO NOT! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT MORE PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED AND UNABLE TO FEED THEIR KIDS AND ALL?

You fucking NEED TO THINK and YOU ARE NOT!  You better STOP and RETHINK what you are doing, in TODAY’S ECONOMY.  With the UNEMPLOYMENT the WORST it has been since the GREAT DEPRESSION.


That is all and I feel better in posting this.  Pardon the language cause people that is ONE way to SERIOUSLY PISS ME THE FUCK OFF.  Especially when it deals with people and families that are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothing on their back and their kids as well.   Also you are threatening to shut down a company who has places that PEOPLE CAN AFFORD to get food, prescriptions and all to people in areas where their is no other place to get this stuff.  THINK BEFORE YOU TRY to shut down a business that is giving people JOBS to pay their bills and food and clothing.

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Who out there has the balls to ask the following question at the Presidential Debate tonight here in Denver.  If I enjoyed going to the stuff I sure as hell would, but I can’t stand the politicians out there.


I won’t listen to the bullshit that spews forth from any politicians lips.  They will need to SERIOUSLY think about that question and REALLY look into their hearts to answer that. No Politician is seeing the true suffereing that is happening to the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they can think about is filling their pockets and those of their corporate hounds with money.  They don’t HONESTLY care for the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they see is the green of the money and the greed.

I’d LOVE to see all the politicians cut their salaries and TRY and LIVE on the salaries of what most of the PEOPLE in the UNITED STATES lives on, and I don’t mean those who live off the state with food stamps and the likes.  But those who are ACTUALLY WORKING.  They should also WALK in the shoes of those who are poor and living in the Poverty areas of the UNITED STATES and not worry about those across the world.  The PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES should come first, not politicians or the world, but the PEOPLE who live in the UNITED STATES, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES.

I’m not a fan of either candidate, especially of those who are ROBBING the CITIZENS and we ain’t talking about the CHURCH but the PEOPLE, also the CHURCH needs to STAY OUT OF POLITICS as well cause they are seriously FUCKING up the way the government is run and TRYING to push THEIR ways onto the PEOPLE instead of ALLOWING the PEOPLE to choose THEIR OWN WAY OF LIVING of going to church or not or if they marry man or woman.  WE ARE NOT PERFECT! If we were then this world and the PEOPLE would be nothing but ROBOTS and ANDROIDS.

Anyways, back to the candidates.  Each one of them do HAVE their flaws, but they don’t need to put those flaws on the PEOPLES shoulders, while just sitting back and letting the PEOPLE suffer.  We don’t need a candidate who want’s to put the country in more debt, and WE sure as hell don’t need a candidate that wants to harm things like Social Security, Planned Parenthood and more.  Things that have been around for DECADES.  All was good until the new age of Politicians got into office and started fucking up everything and spending more instead of WORKING to spend LESS.  Social Security would still be strong if the new age of politicians hadn’t got their grubby hands on the money when they went into office and decided to just spend spend spend, instead of THINKING how to keep it going and making the PEOPLE suffer all the more.



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Ok here’s the deal, like I said yesterday I would soon be posting something dealing with our new car that we just got, so there is going to be a lot of different sayings going off in this post. 🙂

So everyone knows about the Saturn decided to commit “suicide” to let my man know that it’s time for a new car :).  Many cars have a way of letting you know, some subtle and some not so subtle hints :).  Ours was a NOT SO SUBTLE HINT. LOL :).  Other cars a blinking light here, a fuse there, a battery or engine part there lol, ours was to decide to submarine under the back end of a Ford Escape, as I said in the previous post no one was hurt.  The incident happened at less then 20 mph speed so no air bags deployed and the likes. Both drivers, my guy and the lady driving the Escape were just more startled then anything, but anyways on with this post about the new car :).

The following picture is a picture of the new car, which he still is trying to figure out what to call it since the Lady Jane is no more, he’s thinking Serenity, but hasn’t made up his mind yet. LOL :).

New Car

2011 Ford Taurus

Now to get into the story here.  Once he got the amount he was going to be able to get.  He then told me that amount plus other specifics he wanted me to use to find just the right car.  My heart has always been set on a Ford Taurus so this worked out well.  He didn’t want to by from any other company that was given money by the government, and I sure as heck didn’t want a foreign job like a Toyota and the likes, so it was Ford or nothing :). So I went on the internet and started digging through actual dealerships instead of the little shady seed joint dealerships out there and came up with 5 possible locations for us to go look at the cars, cause as he was saying the clock is ticking and fast cause we were renting a car for like 200 a week. I found the cars and locations and had to wait until he got home from work to hand over the pages of the possible cars :).

No sooner he looked at the first one it was like, WHOA! Shiny!; this being the car up above, but he still went through and put the locations in order of which we would go look at them, but we didn’t even get past the first one :). LOL.  He drove it and definitely wanted it, and he also said it was the better deal of all the other cars that were on the list, so that night we came home in a new car :). LOL.

His words today are as follows: “But if you want my opinion about the car itself? It is POSH. It is built like a brick house. Driving it feels more like flying the Space Shuttle than driving a car. The driver is just cocooned in his operating position, and the touch on the controls is so light I feel like I’m controlling it with my thoughts while on the freeway.”

So there we have it lol, a brand new car that says we’ve moved up in life and are living high off a hog, living the high life and more.  Very much says “Executive” when we aren’t :).  There is lots of room without elbows and legs being cramped and the likes and still have many of the things that he had, just updated :). This is what the center console looks like :).

Center Console

Center Console

This console has Sirius Radio and many other features.  I can even control my side of the cars temp, which is a plus, cause he tends to freeze or burn me up when I was unable to control it lol.  It has 4 cup holders and yes there are places hidden under the covers and in the back that are auxiliary power outlets for charging phones and iPads and the likes.  There’s even a vent in the back so that the back passengers can get heater or ac air back in the back :).  The steering wheel has radio control so the driver never has to take his hands off the steering wheel while driving as well as the cruise controls :).

This car is space aged and we are loving it :).  This will be a nice comfortable ride out east when we finally do go visit family, or even out west towards California to see more family :).  The lap of Luxury has landed for us and we didn’t even win the Powerball or Mega Million 🙂 LOL. Luck was on our side and we are very thankful for it right now.  This car is a boat and comfortable :).  I even feel safer in it then I did the Saturn :).

Well if anything else comes in mind I’ll probably add it or not, don’t know yet.  This is enough, and I’m not trying to brag about it either.  This was just the lucky one that caught Erbo’s attention :).  Type more later, if something blog wise comes up in my thoughts lol :).


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Wow big lottery jackpots bring out the stupid people who spend all their damn money on a shit load of tickets instead of on what’s necessary in life.

I guess GREED is well and strong in this world today, especially here in the great USA.

I don’t brag about buying a shit load of tickets and post pictures and shit like that on Facebook.  That’s just STUPID!

At least I know where my happiness lies, and it lies with the love of myself, my family and those of friends who ACTUALLY CARE, not those who PRETEND to CARE.  I also know my happiness is in knowing that God loves me no matter what.

MONEY doesn’t make anyone REALLY happy just GREEDY and STUPID.  I’m happy with what my man can get me and all but we also don’t splurge every last cent we have on buying a shit load of lottery tickets, that if not winning tickets become more litter for the garbage and the world.  You people are really stupid thinking that all those tickets might be lucky when before you know it you’ll get a kick in the ass cause guess what YOU DID NOT WIN!

You could have spent that money on something else that would be more important, like food or even something for your pets or you children, or even helping out a family member, but NOOOO you’d rather spend it on litter which is what non-winning tickets turn into.  Nothing but trash.

Man I hope all you silly people out there fall flat on your ass when you LOSE cause it’s going to be very hard for ANYONE to win, but keep spending your money frivolously, cause that’s all you are doing, you are no better then the government who spends our own money that we deserve and need on other frivolous shit.  Have fun and I hope the ground isn’t too hard on your ass when you fall to the ground and blow a fit for not winning a stupid lottery jackpot, but if it is hard when you hit, tough shit you deserve it.

That’s all I have to say to you stupid people out there.

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Ok so now I’m frustrated to the point of crying right now.  Penny has been misbehaving today and she finally made me blow my gasket.  No I didn’t hurt her or anything, but she went and knocked off one of the big speakers in the master bedroom.

Now lets hope she learns not to do that again.  I just hope that my man will be in a good mood to deal with Hurricane Penny.  I’ve had to shut off the master bedroom to keep her out of it, now lets hope her destructive hyper active mood doesn’t wind up destroying our computer network.  I just don’t know what the hell has gotten into her this morning and I don’t even want to find out.  She’s been batting at things again and I haven’t even run my electric razor for almost a week.

I probably have everyone in the apartment building wondering what the hell that was with me yelling at her and the patio door wide open.

God give me strength to get over what ever the hell has frustrated me today.  I slept at least 8 hours yet how the hell can I be over tired again.

Maybe it was all the drama happening over xbox last night, so I’ll be avoiding it for a little while.  I SERIOUSLY HATE DRAMA.

Hell it’s also probably my horrible mood swings because I’ll be starting soon and the PMS is really going to be bad this month.  Maybe even my cycle.  Hell I don’t know any more.

I SERIOUSLY hate being like this.  I’m usually never like this PERIOD, but for some reason it’s like right there on the edge of blowing up. *sighs*

As for the drama on XBOX last night, lets just say I will not pick friends over other friends.  One friend says he doesn’t like this group cause of something they do, yet when that group I play with a few of them from that group doesn’t.  I don’t know what the hell they did to each other, but seriously folks please stop dragging me into the middle of the drama.  I like everyone I play with on there, but damn it I won’t choose over one or the other but if you don’t want to be my friend cause I’m friends with another person that you don’t like get over it ok and you can easily remove me from your list and it won’t be no skin off my nose.


Anyways, I might have more to deal with later but honestly I don’t give a fuck about it and if people find my blog, especially this one bad cause of the cuss words I DO NOT CARE.  I have a right to type what I want and this is adult language in so many blogs out there it shouldn’t be no issue to ANYONE.  Free speech after all! God Bless America for that!


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You know I’ve read a number of stories out there that are blogged about, and I shudder at how that person’s life had been in the past, but have learned that, that person’s life is much better now then what was in the past.

I’m thankful for my life that I have had and am very grateful to learn how life could have been if I hadn’t listened and done what I was told or that I was mistreated by people.

It puts my tame life to shame to see what others have been through.

I wish I could have known things about some people and try to help them, but God seems to lead us all in different directions but they all come full circle for much better lives that they lead now.

Some people though never really learned from their past mistakes and continue to make the same ones over, while others do learn and try to make their lives better and work towards it.

It’s called age and wisdom, the older a person gets the more they look over their pasts and say “There are some things I would never change in my life, but there are some things that I wish I could have done better in the past.”

It’s hard to put a lot of their past life aggressions and what happened to them down in a blog, but you know they have finally reached that time in their life that they want to hopefully make a different in another persons life to show them that they have a better life ahead of them to go one way and try their best to avoid the other path.

God has given us many faults that we have to look through and learn from and then maybe finally we will understand what our lives are here for, but then there are people out there that really don’t understand the way some people live.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, cause I know many different religions are out there and teach their followers differently.  I’m Christian and proud of it.  I might not go to church, cause the churches I went to when I was younger were much better then they are now.  The churches I went to back in my childhood days wasn’t so screwed up as some of them are today.

I went back to a church that when I was younger had a lot of people involved and we actually talked about the correct things.  I rediscovered the church when I moved back to that town, but it wasn’t the same.  It seems that my church had broken into two different factions, and I discovered that this wasn’t the same.  How did I discover this you might ask?

Well simply put my original church actually talked about God and never ONCE pulled a stunt like bringing politics into the conversation.  The church I thought was the old turned out to be the new side and when the preacher said something about President Bush (the second President Bush), he said something along this line, if President Bush went to church YOU should also go to church as well.

Well after that I never returned back to that church and will never go back to another church again UNLESS they never brought up POLITICS like that one did.  It turned me off completely, cause I’m in the mind that Politics should NEVER be mixed with Church.  They are TWO VERY SEPARATE beings in my mind and it just ruined my going back to church ever again; I honestly don’t think there are churches out there that don’t have politics involved in our world today.

I’m a Christian, I’ve been saved and baptized.  I KNOW where I am going and NO ONE needs to ever tell me other wise, so if you don’t like this post I’m sorry but this is my opinion on some things that I feel strongly about.  I will never ever push this belief on anyone who doesn’t want to know it or get to know it.  I do read my bible and I do pray, especially when I’m sick and worried about if I’m going to get better.  I pray for other people who are ill and hope that all will be good in the end.  We will ALL die eventually, no matter what religion or beliefs we have, we ALL go back to the earth from wince we came.

God Bless everyone out there and I hope your lives improve or are for the better, for you pulled yourself out of the deep dark areas that your lives were mostly by sheer will power to survive and live and make things better for yourself and those you love. 🙂


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