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Well anyways I couldn’t come up with a good title for this post cause it will have some things that don’t even go together LOL.

Anyways, I sent in my blood sugar and blood pressure results to my doctor today, and needless to say he was VERY proud of the results, so much so in his response to my email he said Wow! Looks great! (lol) Well guess I’m doing something right hehe.

Also, over Valentine’s Day.  My fiancee decided to take me on a romantic dinner and it was indeed romantic, but the food was ok but more towards those with refined tastes then those with simple taste, so if you are the type that have that rich and well defined taste, then this place would be PERFECT for you.  It was also almost $200 dollars all together.  I definitely told him that we won’t do that again :). LOL.  I love that man to death, but he had promised a college buddy of his that he would check out his brother’s restaurant and we did.  The place is called Cohill’s.  I don’t know how many of them are out there though it’s fairly new I think.

We’ve also had some more snow here in Denver recently, but it wasn’t to bad.  We are expecting some more light snow this coming Thursday as well as next Sunday.  It’s going to be fairly windy with a wind advisery out till Tuesday, cause some of these winds will be gusting up to 75 mph.  For those out in the plains part of Colorado they have a slight blizzard going on until this system is totally out of here and is moving on to Kansas so they will most likely be getting it next. I honestly can not wait until spring starts to bloom, and I start seeing green instead of white.  The sky’s here in Denver are a robin’s egg blue color and magnificent in the winter time when just after a snow storm or shower hits.  I think we got lucky this winter so far with no brown cloud hanging over us in the air.  That’s a good sign, that the temps haven’t been to bad and such. Yes I will have to suffer more allergy attacks cause of the pollen in the air, but at least I’ll have medicine to help keep that under control.  Once spring hits and the temps pretty much stay warm enough that patio door and the bedroom window will be open.  I’m going to have to talk to Josh, the maintance man here who knows what’s he doing about trying to fix the computer window clips so that when we open the window it won’t fall forward, sadly I’ve a feeling the window will have to be replaced all together, but until I talk with Josh, we won’t know I guess.

My dad has prostate cancer, but thankfully the doctors at the VA hospital over in Illinois or Kentucky, don’t know which one it is cause it’s about 70 miles away from where my dad lives in Metropolis, IL, yes the home of Superman, and yes the original place where my family came from 42 years ago, or it will be 42 come this Summer.  I was either 2 and a half or 3 and a half, when we’d moved to Arkansas from there for better job opportunities for dad and such.  Life was really good for us back in those days.  We remained in Arkadelphia, Arkansas until I graduated from high school, well we did move around between Hot Springs and Arkadelphia, but dad was able to get his job back at the Henderson State University and we once again went back to Arkadelphia and was there until I graduated from high school in 1990.  From there we left to go up to Oregon to see his brother from May till October of 1990 and then went back to Arkansas.  I was so damn happy to be back in Arkansas.  My Aunt and I didn’t get along to well cause she had raised only boys and had, had no girls. We returned to Arkansas and had remained there until 2008.  Then dad to Metropolis, IL and me to Denver, CO :).  We are all happy :).

That reminds me, hopefully and I think it’s a go, this summer I will be going to see my dad and the rest of my family again in Illinois, as well as some of my Fiancee’s family over in Kentucky.  We was going to do it last year but he’d just started a new job and hadn’t had the vacation time to spare.  Now he’s got plenty I hope.  He still might check in on his work from time to time while on vacation, but I don’t think it’ll be to often.  Mostly we’ll be dragging our laptops with us so that we can keep in contact with our friends and family out there.  We might even take the xbox 360, but don’t know yet.  This is all still pretty much up in the air until summer time :).

Well tomorrow, I’ve definantly got to remember to get the trash ready to be taken out tomorrow.  It’s starting to over flow just a tiny bit.  Anyways, until later and I feel like I need to just randomly type, chat and post.  Later :).

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