Last year around this time, Santa left some gifts here for our godsons and we had to deliver them before Christmas Eve.  I don’t even remember what day it was lol.  All I know is there were a lot of nice gifts.  One though had to be replaced, but Santa was able to do that as well.

This year, we’ll be delivering some presents again, but it will be on Christmas Day when we deliver them since we’ll be going over there for Christmas celebration.  We might be a little late getting there, but I’m sure they won’t mind :).  We’ll try and make it by noon or so, depending on the weather or we might deliver them tonight cause the weather is suppose to turn bad on Christmas Eve.  Looks like Santa will have snow falling when he delivers the gifts and presents on Christmas Eve.

Lets hope the weather looks good for Christmas Day, and we will be hopefully celebrating a WHITE Christmas this year! YEAH! 🙂


Together Time

Together time is good time for hundreds of people.  All I know is that it is like 5:34 in the morning and I’m wide awake.  I guess that comes with the territory of falling asleep at 10 p.m. only waking long enough to take your medications and then just rolling back over and falling asleep until your man comes to bed about 4 or 5 in the morning when he has to be up in a couple of hours to go to work.

My man was sick yesterday, and still is but sounds much better then he did yesterday after he slept all day yesterday.  Thank goodness the company he works for is understanding compared to some companies out there and the ones he worked before finding this job.  I hope and pray they continue to be understanding and doesn’t decide to lay him off work, cause this would be the worst thing to do AGAIN just before Christmas and cause he’s been sick.  That’s assholes for you, but then I guess some companies can’t help but be assholes, if all they worry about is making money instead of the people that work for them.  If they was that worried, they most likely shouldn’t have even started a business and that’s the way I see things.

Anyways, we went to the company party two nights ago and it was fun and nice.  The company definitely cares about their people a lot, and that’s good ethics in my books.  The food was great, but at least it kept room in my stomach for something later LOL.  Anyways, the company was great, cause we all got to get together and just talk about stuff that didn’t even deal with work, but with life :).  A lot of the same people that sat with us last year also sat with us this year and it was just awesome.  We talked about all sorts of things from the online games we played to just talk :).  This is the most socializing Erbo and I get involved with every year :).  We still have our other friends, but to get involved in such a big group to just talk and have fun is wonderful even if it is once twice or three times a year. 🙂

As a matter of fact we are getting together with another group of friends this Saturday.  We are going down to the Springs to get together with our writing (Author) friends.  Yes we know some actual writers and the books I have read of theirs so far are pretty awesome.  I’m actually going to be reading the newest book by the host of the party starting today some time :).

Also the thing about this time of the year, there is a lot of people, friends and family getting together just to enjoy the company.  It is after all December and Christmas just right around the corner :).  The time for giving is always a good time to get together and enjoy peoples company.

I wish everyone out there a Merry Christmas, Happy Holiday and more! Bless us all!


I seriously hate being in PAIN.

My right lower back is hurting and I have NO clue how I hurt it. Maybe it was from moving that solid oak coffee table EVEN AFTER it was cleaned off or something, but it’s been nagging me all day and now tonight.
I went looking for my roll-on non-messy aspercreme  and we couldn’t find it so he has gone off in hopes of finding it himself.  He found the cream but not the other yet.  Hope they have it.  He needs to ask an associate at walmart about it if he thinks of doing that.

Nope he can’t find it so he needs to go to a 24 hour walgreens i KNOW it is out there.  We bought some of it when we was on vacation.

I seriously hate having back pain that just won’t let me get comfortable.  Or joint pain in paticular.  I think it’s this new front coming in that is causing issues, cause even my sister is having issues with her Fibro because of it.  Seriously we both HATE being in pain.

I’m hoping this won’t be an on going thing cause seriously it SUCKS.


Stupid People

Ok you know what really pisses me the fuck off.  It’s the stupid people out there threatening to shut down Walmart by Black Friday, just cause of the way Walmart hires and pays their people.

You people are so fucking STUPID.  You aren’t thinking about anyone but yourself and FUCK YOU.  You think you are so much BETTER then start your own fucking company up and start hiring people to work, BUT to threaten to SHUT DOWN a major company that gives people jobs to have money to pay their BILLS and to put FOOD on the TABLE for their kids and to put CLOTHES on these kids, and to KEEP A ROOF over their heads. IT is just FUCKING STUPID!!!

Trying to shut down a company cause of their paying methods or INFERIOR what ever the FUCK is just stupid!!! You are fucking putting people OUT OF WORK JUST BEFORE FUCKING CHRISTMAS and in TODAY’S FUCKING ECONOMY! You are STUPID STUPID STUPID!!!!

We are already fucking in deep with UNEMPLOYMENT around the whole fucking USA cause of the government! And you want to shut down a company WHO ARE GIVING PEOPLE JOBS! A company that I know of DID NOT TAKE GOVERNMENT MONEY to keep a float.

Well wake your sorry excuse of asses UP and think of the BIG BIG FUCKING PICTURE HERE! Do you SERIOUSLY want to shut down a company that has JOBS while other companies DO NOT! DO YOU SERIOUSLY WANT MORE PEOPLE UNEMPLOYED AND UNABLE TO FEED THEIR KIDS AND ALL?

You fucking NEED TO THINK and YOU ARE NOT!  You better STOP and RETHINK what you are doing, in TODAY’S ECONOMY.  With the UNEMPLOYMENT the WORST it has been since the GREAT DEPRESSION.


That is all and I feel better in posting this.  Pardon the language cause people that is ONE way to SERIOUSLY PISS ME THE FUCK OFF.  Especially when it deals with people and families that are struggling to keep a roof over their heads, food on the table and clothing on their back and their kids as well.   Also you are threatening to shut down a company who has places that PEOPLE CAN AFFORD to get food, prescriptions and all to people in areas where their is no other place to get this stuff.  THINK BEFORE YOU TRY to shut down a business that is giving people JOBS to pay their bills and food and clothing.

Who out there has the balls to ask the following question at the Presidential Debate tonight here in Denver.  If I enjoyed going to the stuff I sure as hell would, but I can’t stand the politicians out there.


I won’t listen to the bullshit that spews forth from any politicians lips.  They will need to SERIOUSLY think about that question and REALLY look into their hearts to answer that. No Politician is seeing the true suffereing that is happening to the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they can think about is filling their pockets and those of their corporate hounds with money.  They don’t HONESTLY care for the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they see is the green of the money and the greed.

I’d LOVE to see all the politicians cut their salaries and TRY and LIVE on the salaries of what most of the PEOPLE in the UNITED STATES lives on, and I don’t mean those who live off the state with food stamps and the likes.  But those who are ACTUALLY WORKING.  They should also WALK in the shoes of those who are poor and living in the Poverty areas of the UNITED STATES and not worry about those across the world.  The PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES should come first, not politicians or the world, but the PEOPLE who live in the UNITED STATES, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES.

I’m not a fan of either candidate, especially of those who are ROBBING the CITIZENS and we ain’t talking about the CHURCH but the PEOPLE, also the CHURCH needs to STAY OUT OF POLITICS as well cause they are seriously FUCKING up the way the government is run and TRYING to push THEIR ways onto the PEOPLE instead of ALLOWING the PEOPLE to choose THEIR OWN WAY OF LIVING of going to church or not or if they marry man or woman.  WE ARE NOT PERFECT! If we were then this world and the PEOPLE would be nothing but ROBOTS and ANDROIDS.

Anyways, back to the candidates.  Each one of them do HAVE their flaws, but they don’t need to put those flaws on the PEOPLES shoulders, while just sitting back and letting the PEOPLE suffer.  We don’t need a candidate who want’s to put the country in more debt, and WE sure as hell don’t need a candidate that wants to harm things like Social Security, Planned Parenthood and more.  Things that have been around for DECADES.  All was good until the new age of Politicians got into office and started fucking up everything and spending more instead of WORKING to spend LESS.  Social Security would still be strong if the new age of politicians hadn’t got their grubby hands on the money when they went into office and decided to just spend spend spend, instead of THINKING how to keep it going and making the PEOPLE suffer all the more.



Ahh Cooler Weather

Ahh much cooler weather has finally come upon us here in Colorado, and I’m enjoying it immensely.

Fall has sprung here in Colorado, as the day temps start to hover in the 60s and 70s, with the night temps hovering in the 40s and 50s.

Snow is already falling in the mountains at 11,000 ft or more, the trees are changing, even AFTER the really droughty summer we had.  We are getting lots of rain right now and storms :).  The weather has turned for the better thank goodness.

El Nino has finally kicked his sister out of our state and sent her off some where else, where I don’t care, I much prefer El Nino over La Nina any day.

This year has been the worst or I should say this past summer, has been the worst in the history of Colorado with all the fires that had been happening.  It’s been really bad for me, cause this year alone, has been the worst for me.  I’ve had to use my inhaler a lot this year cause of all the smoke and pollution and pollen and such in the air.  That has thankfully been washed out of the air for now, but we still have to worry about the smoke coming in from Idaho with that big fire or big fires up in that state.  I hope the potato farmers have weathered this year well.  I can’t say that about the other farmers around.  Man it’s been drought weather ALL over the USA in the midwest to the west and so forth and so on.  Florida I think has been pretty wet this year, but I doubt that has really replenished the waters down there, especially in the Everglades, but who knows with how the weather has been so screwy this year.

Anyways, thank goodness for the much better weather climate we’ve got and I’m going to enjoy it while I can, before the winter snows start to show.  We hope we have enough snow this winter to replenish all if not most of the water we’ve lost this past summer, but until then, we’ve just got to wait and see.

I hope everyone is appreciating mother nature and the weather that is thrown at them right now, cause we know all to well how precious that rain and such can be.  Enjoy and Happy Fall to all! Well to those here in the Northern Hemisphere anyways, while I think it’s like winter or spring in the southern hemisphere.  I don’t remember which LOL. Enjoy it while you can! 🙂

The Vacation :)

Ok I know it’s been a while since I posted a post, but here it is.  This one is just going to be a shortened non-detail post, with maybe some detail.

First day we left from Denver, and made it to Hutchinson, KS.  It was a long trip but worth it :).  On the second day we spent almost all the day in the Kansas Cosmosphere.  Lets just say that Erbo (Eric Bowersox) was in heaven lol.  He LOVED all the space gear they had there from the actual Apollo 13 to the long lost Liberty Bell 7, that was lost for decades under the ocean.  It sat on the bottom of the ocean about 3 miles deep I think.  They also had the ACTUAL white room that was used in the Apollo 13 launching. He also enjoyed the amount of Russian Space Gear there, which if I’m not mistaken, this is the largest Russian Space Collection outside of Russia.

On top of that we also went and watched Tornado Alley on their big domed IMAX Theater, which I LOVED and it was awesome on that dome!  Then we went to a show in the Planetarium and then a science show in the Dr. Goodall’s (I don’t remember if this is the actual name lol) Lab, but we thoroughly enjoyed it.  This trip to the Cosmosphere has been a dream of Erbo’s for a long time, and we was able to finally go to it.  We had a lot of fun and he took over 250 pictures, and we spent almost $300 on gifts from the gift shop they had.  We left the Cosmosphere and went back to the hotel and at supper then went to bed.  The next day was going to be a long one so we had to leave early enough the next morning to make it to the next destination.

Day three sent us through the back roads through the beautiful winding roads of the Ozark Mountains and into Arkansas, my home state where I came from.  Man I enjoyed going through the Ozarks in the day light.  Beautiful country and gentle rolling mountains and hills with lots of green trees.  We also went through the home town and headquarters of Wal-Mart.  We stopped in Bentonville, AR to eat lunch so that I could take my noon pill, and oh my gods, the Arkansas tomatoes on the hamburgers were just AWESOME! The flavor just bursting with each bit of the burger.  After we ate, we headed back on the road to continue the final leg of our 10 and a half hour strip from Kansas to Vandal, AR.  We entered my aunt’s driveway I think just after 5 or 6 p.m. that night.  She had supper waiting for us, and oh my gods the home cooked meal was delicious.  We had fried squash with onions, blacked eyed peas, cornbread, turkey and corn.  Oh yeah I also had some of my Aunt’s home canned dill pill pickles; YUMMY!  After supper we sat and talked a while, and I just couldn’t stay awake after that long trip so I smoothly passed out in the bed.  We had to be up bright and early for the next leg of the trip.  Another long leg of the trip.

Day four, we were up by 6 a.m. and my aunt sent us off after a great breakfast of homemade buttermilk biscuits and gravy with scrambled eggs, sausage and GOOD country bacon!  After we ate breakfast we said good bye to my aunt and headed out for the next 9 or 10 hour leg of our trip to visit our friends in Waukegaun, IL.  When we hit Chicago, we hit it at rush hour and on a day that the Cubs were having a night game, so the traffic was hellish to the point we almost got side swiped twice, but we didn’t cause of good reflexes on Erbo’s end.  I will NEVER live in Chicago thank you.  It’s just to dangerous to drive on those roads and interstates up there.  I was just happen to get to our location and breath.  We got to our hotel, and that night sever storms blew through, but it didn’t stop us from spending time with our friends and taking them out to dinner that night.  We got back to our hotel after we dropped off our friends I think around 11 or 12 at midnight or earlier.  I don’t remember the actual time, all I can say it was still storming out there when we did get back to the hotel.  We slept so hard we don’t even know if the hotel lost power or not in the wee hours of the morning, we slept through it after the long trip.

Day five, had us on the road heading towards Metropolis, IL where my dad and the rest of my rather large family lived.  The cousins are spread about from IL to Oregon to Michigan to Indiana and the likes, but my two remaining uncles lived in Metropolis.  My dad actually lives with one of his brothers, as does my own brother.  We made it to Metropolis with plenty of daylight left and we checked in and then went to see my dad.  We then took him to the store and bought them about 80 pounds worth of dog food so that the dogs had food since dad and them lived off a monthly budget cause they got their SS once a month.  We also took dad to eat and also bought him some new shoes and the likes.  We also bought them a brand new dvd player to replace the one in the TV that didn’t work.  We also helped in getting a few other things electronically.  Then went back to the hotel, since we will be spending the entire next day with dad since it was his 71st birthday.

Day six, had us waking up later to catch up on the sleep we missed out on, on the first 5 days of the trip.  It was July 20th, and my dad’s 71st birthday.  Lets just say he definitely looks much better now by gaining the weight back then he did TWO years ago.  He had me worried, but he’s been getting great help from the VA hospital and clinic that are there.  They’ve been taking really good care of him and making sure he’s staying as healthy as one can at the age of 71.  We spent the day with dad and my family.

Dad took us to the souvenir shop in the town square over by Superman so that we could get some t shirts and the likes dealing with Superman and the home town of Superman.  Our friend up in Waukegaun wanted a t shirt that dealt with the hometown of Superman, so we got her one as well as me one and the likes and a few other things apparently lol. After the trip to the souvenir shop; we went to go see my Uncle Ernie, and he’s looking good.  Thankfully cousin Bradley, his youngest boy, is living with him and taking care of him.  I’m glad to see that one of his kids are there to take care of him, the others are off doing their own thing and have their own families to deal with and don’t have the time to spend with him.  It’s a shame though.

After we went to see my Uncle Ernie, we took my dad back home and told him that we was going to take him, my brother and my Uncle John out to eat, to celebrate dad’s birthday.  My brother decided not to go, but that was fine, we still took Dad and Uncle John out to eat at the Olive Garden that was over in Paducha, KY.  Then we took them to the store and we got dad some new clothes as well as a pair of coveralls for both him and my Uncle Ernie.  It was after all dad’s birthday and Uncle Johnny did say that daddy needed some new clothes, so we bought him some.  We was expecting to spend some money on dad’s birthday, so we know we had it.  After the trip to Wal-mart we headed back to dad and Uncle Johnny’s place and sat there a while talking and the likes.  Then we finally had to call it a night and went back to the hotel and went to bed.  We had another busy day the next day and we had to be checked out of the hotel by 10 the next morning.

Day seven, has us up and out of the hotel before 10 a.m. that morning, then we went and spent half a day with dad, out by the side of the road, while he sold his homegrown vegetables from his garden.  We also had to have mom come and meet us at the location we were yet, cause that was the days we were heading to see my mom.  She met us there and after dad packed up, cause it was hot as hell out there and business was slow, we headed up to see my mom’s parent’s graves as well as my mom’s sister and brother-in-law graves.  They were buried right beside each other.  We put flowers on my grandparents graves, but my cousin Pat dealt with my Aunt and Uncle’s graves since she was picky on how things looked and the likes.  Dad came to see the grave sites as well, before we parted ways, him to go see his parents graves us to follow my mom to go see some long time family friends that I hadn’t seen in over 20 years.  We visited with them for a little while before we finally headed on to my mom’s place, where that night she barbecued some ribs on the grill, had potato salad, red beans and rice and banana pudding waiting for us.  Man that was another awesome home cooked meal that I ate, so yes I thoroughly enjoyed eating the home cooked meals that were made for us, cause we don’t do much cooking here at our place.  We stayed up a little while after supper and then we finally went to bed, cause we had to be up the next morning to head out and on our way back home.

Day eight, we woke up just before noon this day, another nice time to catch up on some sleep before we started back home.  Mom made sure we had a brunch/lunch of home made pancakes, bacon and eggs before we headed out.  We lingered over lunch and chatted for a little while before we headed out.  Mom game me some actual red beans from New Orleans, 4 lbs worth, to bring home with us so that if I want to make some, I can slow cook them and add my own spices to the beans.  We also will most likely eat brown rice and not white rice with them.  We headed out and followed mom to see my Aunt and Uncle in Cutler.  I hadn’t seen my Aunt Carolyn and Uncle Wayne in a long time, another 20 something years there as well.  We spent some time with them, before we finally parted ways with my mom and headed off towards St. Louis, MO and Topeka, KS.  Our destination was Topeka, KS.  We took our time getting there, cause I noticed my legs had swollen really bad with the first part of this journey cause it was a marathon run from Denver, CO all the way to Metropolis, IL.  Also Erbo, wanted to make sure that on the trip back home that I got out and walked some to help ease the swelling in my legs.

We entered St. Louis, MO about 4 p.m. that same day.  I took some pictures of the famous St. Louis Archway.  We continued along at a nice steady clip and stopped off and on at the rest areas as well as to eat and the likes to make sure that I got out to do some walking around.  We entered KS at around 6 or 7 p.m. that night and continued along, still doing the stopping off and on, and we finally hit the Kansas Turnpike about  8 p.m. and we stopped at their rest areas in the middle at a McDonald’s and got a chocolate dipped ice cream cone, and for me to walk around some more.  We then got back on the road and we kept going and finally entered Topeka, KS around 9 p.m. or just after and checked into our hotel.  We also went to a Steak ‘N Shakes to eat supper and then to a Wal-Mart, which surprisingly enough was right beside the Steak ‘N Shakes, to buy a few things.  After that we went back to the hotel and went to bed.  We had to be up and out of the hotel the next morning just before checkout.

Day nine; the final leg of our journey home.  We woke up around 9 or so and checked out of the hotel and headed on the final leg of our journey home.  We definitely took our time going home.  We stopped often and even pulled into a 24/7 store and bought a few nicknacks that showed we’d been to Kansas.  After the stop we got back on the road and continued on towards home, and since the marathon part of this vacation was over with, we were definitely taking our time to get home.  Erbo didn’t have to be back to work until Weds, so we were able to sleep most of the Tuesday with no issues.  We finally made it home and were able to breath much better.  It was a wonderful trip, and I enjoyed visiting my family.  I’m very happy to be back home.

Day ten; final day of Erbo’s vacation.  We woke up late and he went to go get our Penny and bring her home.  We were happy to have her back home, and she was very happy to be home.  She’s become a well mannered kitty since we’ve been gone, still loving and more so.  The cost of her stay at the Animal Lodge, had been good for her.  She did get 30 minutes of one on one time while we was away.  I made sure this would happen, cause she is such a loving and social kitty, that I couldn’t see her not getting some personal time with the people that ran the lodge.  It was a Kitty Spa for her, and another good thing is that her vet was right next door so that if something had happened to her, her vet was right there, since they own the Animal Lodge.

We also washed clothes and the likes that day as well and just chilled out and relaxed. Erbo enjoyed it, cause he would have to be into work the next day.  The trip and vacation were totally awesome, and his parents and step-parents were very happy that I was able to make him take a vacation.  I’m very proud I was able to make him do the trip, he’s a very hard working man and being a Java Coder is hard work.  We enjoyed the vacation so much that we are thinking that next year, if all goes well, that we will head west to California to see his family, and if all keeps going well, we will switch off each year to visit family.  His one year and mine the next and so forth. It will definitely be awesome.

During the trip to see my family, with each state we went through I would pick up a map and a few other things to remind me of the trip and collect them.  I don’t remember if we got an Illinois pin or not, but with a few other states we definitely got some nicknacks for me to look at and remind me of the wonderful trip to visit my family and my old home state and the likes.  There is one thing I am glad that I don’t miss and that’s the hot humid and heavy air that hangs over that neck of the woods cause they are part of the Gulf Stream air and the air is so humid and heavy at times it was hard to breath.  It took our breath away a few times, but we got use to it as we continued the trip to each of our locations.  We are still very happy to be home, where the humidity isn’t appalling and heavy, but nice and dry. Thank you Colorado for being the state you are :).

For my pictures of the vacation you will have to go to Facebook and check out my photos of the trip as well as the few I took at the Cosmosphere.  Here is the webpage: https://www.facebook.com/Selenalore?sk=photos

Enjoy and I hope everyone of you can get a chance to visit friends or family or take a nice vacation from time to time and relax and enjoy life, cause we all know that life is short and it’s worth being enjoyed!