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Damn it’s been 2 years since I posted anything to this blog.  Well not much has been around to talk about.  I am still with my man, who is now transitioning into a woman, and we have been together going on 9 years this year.

I will tell everyone this right here and right now.  I have been accepting of Erbo, transitioning to Amy for 4 going on 5 years now, and IF ANYONE posts a comment that is degrading and what not I will block you from posting again on my web page and do the same with any name you come back with to do this.  I say this to you,  ya’ll can go fuck yourselves cause that’s how I feel about ANYONE degrading people who transgender.

My goddaughter is also transgender so get over yourselves and keep your religious shit to yourself.  Yes I’m a Christian, but I am not an EXTREMIST like most of them out there.  I have been saved and baptized and I know where I am going and I know it ain’t hell, which is where the extremists will be going.

I’m a very spiritual person, and I see people for people and who they are and what their heart and soul is.  I don’t care what gender they be, what race they be or whatever.  We all came from the same people, the same being and so forth.  Just get over yourselves and you can live your life as you want, but don’t drag that shit into my blog by comments.

Anyways, I’m done with my soap box and all :).  I’m just still healthy and so is my better half and we still love each other to death.  I fell in love with the person not their gender.  Take care everyone and have a great day.

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Who out there has the balls to ask the following question at the Presidential Debate tonight here in Denver.  If I enjoyed going to the stuff I sure as hell would, but I can’t stand the politicians out there.


I won’t listen to the bullshit that spews forth from any politicians lips.  They will need to SERIOUSLY think about that question and REALLY look into their hearts to answer that. No Politician is seeing the true suffereing that is happening to the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they can think about is filling their pockets and those of their corporate hounds with money.  They don’t HONESTLY care for the PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES.  All they see is the green of the money and the greed.

I’d LOVE to see all the politicians cut their salaries and TRY and LIVE on the salaries of what most of the PEOPLE in the UNITED STATES lives on, and I don’t mean those who live off the state with food stamps and the likes.  But those who are ACTUALLY WORKING.  They should also WALK in the shoes of those who are poor and living in the Poverty areas of the UNITED STATES and not worry about those across the world.  The PEOPLE of the UNITED STATES should come first, not politicians or the world, but the PEOPLE who live in the UNITED STATES, the CITIZENS of the UNITED STATES.

I’m not a fan of either candidate, especially of those who are ROBBING the CITIZENS and we ain’t talking about the CHURCH but the PEOPLE, also the CHURCH needs to STAY OUT OF POLITICS as well cause they are seriously FUCKING up the way the government is run and TRYING to push THEIR ways onto the PEOPLE instead of ALLOWING the PEOPLE to choose THEIR OWN WAY OF LIVING of going to church or not or if they marry man or woman.  WE ARE NOT PERFECT! If we were then this world and the PEOPLE would be nothing but ROBOTS and ANDROIDS.

Anyways, back to the candidates.  Each one of them do HAVE their flaws, but they don’t need to put those flaws on the PEOPLES shoulders, while just sitting back and letting the PEOPLE suffer.  We don’t need a candidate who want’s to put the country in more debt, and WE sure as hell don’t need a candidate that wants to harm things like Social Security, Planned Parenthood and more.  Things that have been around for DECADES.  All was good until the new age of Politicians got into office and started fucking up everything and spending more instead of WORKING to spend LESS.  Social Security would still be strong if the new age of politicians hadn’t got their grubby hands on the money when they went into office and decided to just spend spend spend, instead of THINKING how to keep it going and making the PEOPLE suffer all the more.



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Ugh! I’m not a happy camper this morning.  I seriously HATE at times being a woman, especially when your body constantly changes your mind.

Why you ask? Well lets just put it out there bluntly and this might be TMI to a lot of people, but oh well.

I swore I had stopped Friday night or early Saturday, but damned if my body decided to do something about that.  I woke up this morning on IT again, and I just WISH I could afford to go get my bits taken out so I didn’t have to worry about my unpredictable ass system and body.

WHY ME??? I sometimes just wish it would GO AWAY! I’m tired of my unpredictable body and my irregular flows! I guess I’m happy I wasn’t in the mood last night cause that would just have been to much for me to handle *sighs*.

I also wish this pollen would hurry up and go away as well but there is no telling when that will be happening, and I also wish the cat would stop scraping her food out of her dish and onto the floor and wasting food, but that ain’t going to happen any times soon.  I’m thinking of washing the new dish and such today just to change out her food dish and see what happens then.  Hell it may be her way of telling her she needs a clean dish.  I don’t know, how can you know what a cat is saying when they can’t speak.  You can’t read their minds.

Wishful thinking that’s all it is and I know for a fact that wishes like mine don’t come true.  Some of them do but not all of them, like the one dealing with the cat and her food and my annoying body and system.  I do have many good things that have happened in my life and one of them being the man I feel in love with and visa versa with him falling in love with me, for I was not looking and he came into my life.  Thank the good Lord for some things.


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Ok people are wondering about that title aye.  Well I’ll clarify it for you 🙂 LOL.

Yesterday on the way home from work, there was a little incident that dealt with the front end and the back end of two cars.

Yes there was an accident and my man was at fault, but thankfully it was well below 20 mph, and sadly our car got the worst of the damage.  He accidentally ran into the back end of a Ford Escape, so needless to say the Saturn took most of the damage. According to him the only headlight that wasn’t messed up is now gone, the bumper shockingly enough is still gorilla taped and didn’t fall off, the radiator is destroyed, the hood is slightly crumpled, and there is no telling what else is wrong with it, not until the insurance adjuster comes looking at it.  The bumper on the other vehicle is just slightly dented where the Saturn had run under it a little.  Thankfully no one was injured and only the cars, though the Saturn the worst, this time it wasn’t able to bounce back like it usually does LOL.  If the insurance says the car is totaled, I’m wondering if this was someones way of saying you need a new car before you go on vacation this summer :). LOL that would be way to scarey if it was LMAO!

Well after the wrecker came and took the car, he had to walk home, and I think it was a mile or so walk from the accident sight, and the poor man was exhausted and hurting.  He finally soaked in the tub for a little while and took some Tylenol before he came to bed. Anyways as for the title of this little piece :).

He had to call Enterprise to rent a car for a week, and well, they did say they had a Ford Focus for him, but found out nope they didn’t so they gave him the use of a GMC Crew Cab and said they’d give him something differently, hopefully, next Monday.  They did give him a deal though for not having the correct car available when they said they did :).  Here’s the picture he took of the truck and sent to me:

GMC Crewcab

Erbo Cowboy play on Urban Cowboy 🙂 LOL

His words exactly sent over the phone message was this upon seeing the truck his thoughts: “Yeah, this thing is like the Urban Cowboy Special :)”. LOL and I say the last time I was in a GMC was back in the late 70s and early 80s.  I’m a country redneck gal, and I haven’t been in a pickup truck in years! LOL. When you live in the country a pickup truck was a staple of living in the country :).  He also said that the thing drives good but it’s still a boat :).  Like duh :).  Yes they drive good, but they are built like a boat for a reason to be able to handle heavy work load.  Oh yeah he also told me it’s a 4×4 and I have NEVER been in a 4×4, which means that you can kick it into the 4×4 gear and go off road driving without issues, or as for here in Colorado, when it snows :).

Anyways, my man survived and wasn’t injured and the other driver wasn’t hurt either, so that was a VERY good thing.  He says he disappointed me and the likes cause he wasn’t able to bring home supper and he was really hard on himself,  and said he wouldn’t blame me if I left and I told that man that you ain’t getting rid of me that easily babe.  I love him no matter what the hell happened.  I’m very much thankful that he’s alive and well and can still walk, work and wasn’t injured. Thank you Lord for small favors. Amen.

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Wow big lottery jackpots bring out the stupid people who spend all their damn money on a shit load of tickets instead of on what’s necessary in life.

I guess GREED is well and strong in this world today, especially here in the great USA.

I don’t brag about buying a shit load of tickets and post pictures and shit like that on Facebook.  That’s just STUPID!

At least I know where my happiness lies, and it lies with the love of myself, my family and those of friends who ACTUALLY CARE, not those who PRETEND to CARE.  I also know my happiness is in knowing that God loves me no matter what.

MONEY doesn’t make anyone REALLY happy just GREEDY and STUPID.  I’m happy with what my man can get me and all but we also don’t splurge every last cent we have on buying a shit load of lottery tickets, that if not winning tickets become more litter for the garbage and the world.  You people are really stupid thinking that all those tickets might be lucky when before you know it you’ll get a kick in the ass cause guess what YOU DID NOT WIN!

You could have spent that money on something else that would be more important, like food or even something for your pets or you children, or even helping out a family member, but NOOOO you’d rather spend it on litter which is what non-winning tickets turn into.  Nothing but trash.

Man I hope all you silly people out there fall flat on your ass when you LOSE cause it’s going to be very hard for ANYONE to win, but keep spending your money frivolously, cause that’s all you are doing, you are no better then the government who spends our own money that we deserve and need on other frivolous shit.  Have fun and I hope the ground isn’t too hard on your ass when you fall to the ground and blow a fit for not winning a stupid lottery jackpot, but if it is hard when you hit, tough shit you deserve it.

That’s all I have to say to you stupid people out there.

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Well lets just say this, Tebow is being traded, first it was to the Jets until the Jets discovered a slight clause in his contract that they would have to pay him 5 million dollars, now they’ve decided NOT to take on Tebow and have stepped back.

Now Jacksonville is back in the running and they REALLY REALLY want him, and I hope that they do get him, cause that would be his home stomping grounds, and I think he will do Jacksonville proud! Go Tebow!  I’d love to see a Bronco and Jaguars game and see who does better.  Tebow has a lot of potential within him if people will just give him time and help him reach that potential. Who ever gets Tebow has so much more potential to reach the Super Bowl then some do.

Yeah Manning is good, but gee don’t get me wrong, the man is 36, was out of football for a whole YEAR and has gone through 4 neck surgeries, but that don’t mean he is up to his power house self that he was when he first started playing for the NFL, but best of luck anyways and it will be the Broncos loss and Elway’s failure if Manning gets hurt and can no longer play.

I will continue to be a fan of Tim Tebow, because he has talent, he is worth it and is a good man and a good role model. Whoever gets Tim Tebow will have a horde of fans to help them along the way, and I’ve got a gut instinct that Tebow will hit the Super Bowl and when he does the Broncos will see what they lost, and I’m not going to feel sorry for them.  They picked, they traded, they made their bed and they’ll have to sleep in it!

Good luck to you Tim Tebow, and know that you have a ton of fans out there that will support you and be there to watch you.  God Bless and I hope the Jaguars will get you :). You will be missed here in Denver by your many fans, but the haters out there are way to far happy that you are gone, cause they can’t see your potential like many of us can.


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You know I’ve read a number of stories out there that are blogged about, and I shudder at how that person’s life had been in the past, but have learned that, that person’s life is much better now then what was in the past.

I’m thankful for my life that I have had and am very grateful to learn how life could have been if I hadn’t listened and done what I was told or that I was mistreated by people.

It puts my tame life to shame to see what others have been through.

I wish I could have known things about some people and try to help them, but God seems to lead us all in different directions but they all come full circle for much better lives that they lead now.

Some people though never really learned from their past mistakes and continue to make the same ones over, while others do learn and try to make their lives better and work towards it.

It’s called age and wisdom, the older a person gets the more they look over their pasts and say “There are some things I would never change in my life, but there are some things that I wish I could have done better in the past.”

It’s hard to put a lot of their past life aggressions and what happened to them down in a blog, but you know they have finally reached that time in their life that they want to hopefully make a different in another persons life to show them that they have a better life ahead of them to go one way and try their best to avoid the other path.

God has given us many faults that we have to look through and learn from and then maybe finally we will understand what our lives are here for, but then there are people out there that really don’t understand the way some people live.

I don’t mean to offend anyone with this post, cause I know many different religions are out there and teach their followers differently.  I’m Christian and proud of it.  I might not go to church, cause the churches I went to when I was younger were much better then they are now.  The churches I went to back in my childhood days wasn’t so screwed up as some of them are today.

I went back to a church that when I was younger had a lot of people involved and we actually talked about the correct things.  I rediscovered the church when I moved back to that town, but it wasn’t the same.  It seems that my church had broken into two different factions, and I discovered that this wasn’t the same.  How did I discover this you might ask?

Well simply put my original church actually talked about God and never ONCE pulled a stunt like bringing politics into the conversation.  The church I thought was the old turned out to be the new side and when the preacher said something about President Bush (the second President Bush), he said something along this line, if President Bush went to church YOU should also go to church as well.

Well after that I never returned back to that church and will never go back to another church again UNLESS they never brought up POLITICS like that one did.  It turned me off completely, cause I’m in the mind that Politics should NEVER be mixed with Church.  They are TWO VERY SEPARATE beings in my mind and it just ruined my going back to church ever again; I honestly don’t think there are churches out there that don’t have politics involved in our world today.

I’m a Christian, I’ve been saved and baptized.  I KNOW where I am going and NO ONE needs to ever tell me other wise, so if you don’t like this post I’m sorry but this is my opinion on some things that I feel strongly about.  I will never ever push this belief on anyone who doesn’t want to know it or get to know it.  I do read my bible and I do pray, especially when I’m sick and worried about if I’m going to get better.  I pray for other people who are ill and hope that all will be good in the end.  We will ALL die eventually, no matter what religion or beliefs we have, we ALL go back to the earth from wince we came.

God Bless everyone out there and I hope your lives improve or are for the better, for you pulled yourself out of the deep dark areas that your lives were mostly by sheer will power to survive and live and make things better for yourself and those you love. 🙂


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