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Wow it’s hard to believe that the 11 year cycle is just starting but won’t be in full swing until next year!

The Solar storms seem to be kicking off to a good start apparently, so far I’ve read of two major solar flare ups this year alone.  I think the first one was back in January and then this most recent one today.

The Solar flare erupted yesterday, and will be hitting us full blown today at 4 million mph! Damn that’s fast.  It will most likely or possibly cause issues with a number of things today, from possible power grid outages to GPS not wanting to work properly and so forth and so on.

According to the people who keep tabs on this thing, we can expect to see the Northern Lights all the way down here into Colorado, but with the full moon out there tonight, there might be some interference from the glow of the moon and we won’t be able to see much of the Northern Lights.  I would LOVE to see some Auroras, but who knows, there will most likely be some good possibilities to see them next year for sure since it seems the sun is going to be in its 11 year active cycle.

Another thing that is happening out there as well.  The Worm Moon, which is what the Native American’s call the March full moon is wiggling it’s way into the sky tonight.

The Native American’s called the March full moon the Lenten moon. It was thought to be the final full moon of winter, and a herald of spring.

Native Americans named full moons to differentiate between seasons.

The Worm Moon got it’s name because in March the ground traditionally begins to thaw, allowing worms to start emerging.

You can learn more about the Full Moon Names and Their Meanings by reading in the farmers’ almanac.

I hope you all enjoy this post.  I enjoyed writing it.  I’m sorry if my posts are few and far between, but it’s kind of hard to come up with something to blog about when not much is happening in your life and the likes :).



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I’m not talking about the games people play on each other here :). I’m talking about XBOX 360 games and online :).

Recently you’ve seen a post on my fiancee’s blog http://www.erbosoft.com/blog/  (his blog is in my blogroll called From The Erbo Files) talking about the games I’ve been known to play from Wizard101 to Modern Warfare 3 and last but not least Fable III.

Yes I’m a game junky at times, especially those dealing with XBOX.  I love playing games to pass my time with all the great friends and family I have out there.

Well last night my sis and I got involved in playing Need For Speed’s Hot Pursuit.  We all know it was in it’s hay days back in the years when it belonged to the NES.  You couldn’t get me off the thing and I had a blast all the time playing it.

Well we got into playing it over XBOX Live last night and ran into some good people on there and have added them to our friends list.  There are so many good people out there on XBOX Live it’s hard to find them at time, but when you are just playing for fun and enjoying yourself, you do wind up finding people who enjoy the same thing.

To many people out there take the games way to seriously and tend to ruin all the fun for those who just enjoy playing for fun and the likes. To many people who will complain about people killing them by cheating when the people they are complaining about aren’t cheating.  I do not mode any of my stuff.  I get my ranks and the likes the hard way with plenty of play time and plenty of work.  Yes I bitch from time to time, but usually it is about those who actually are modding and the likes.  They just LOVE ruining the games for others to play.  I’d rather play for fun then not play at all you know.

I started playing XBOX Live and XBOX 360 4 years ago.  I started out with Halo 2 or Halo 3 and went on to play Halo: ODST and Halo Reach.  From there I discovered Modern Warfare 2 (MW2 to many) and then followed closely by Modern Warfare 3 (MW3).  There are other games I played that I didn’t like to well like Cale Of Duty: Black Ops.  The only fun game to me on that game is playing zombies.

When I found out that Need For Speed Hot Pursuit was coming out on XBOX 360 I wanted it instantly.  It’s just as good if not better then the original NFSHP.  The games themselves on XBOX 360 are addictive as hell.  You say oh I’ll playing just one more and next thing you know the sun is rising and you’ve played well over a dozen or more times, especially when you get with some good people and are having fun. 🙂

So listen if you have an XBOX 360 and some games give it a spin.  Hopefully you’ll enjoy it, if you don’t run into those who ruin the fun by cheating.  There are also issues with some people picking on people for the way they sound, especially when the guys find out it’s a female playing the game.  Hopefully you can get over it and just ignore the assholes that are on there to ruin all the fun and just have fun.  Hopefully you’ll find the right people, that just like you enjoy playing the games and don’t take them seriously.

Enjoy when you do!

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