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If anyone has been paying attention to the news and has been hearing about the big fire happening here in Colorado, well there is some good news and some bad news.

The bad news first: It has burned over 43,000+ acres of land and is still not contained, except maybe at 10% and many evacuations has been called for in the area of the fire, which is thankfully to the north of us and sadly around or near Fort Collins.

The good news is: The fire has spread into a beetle dead tree area where all the trees have been killed off by beetles, and will now be burned to the ground and hopefully gotten rid of and will start new life without the beetle infestation that is killing thousands if not millions of our trees off over here in Colorado and ruining the beauty of the surrounding lands, hills and mountains.

The fire will hopefully be contained in the near future, but I doubt it will be too soon, cause once it hits that dead trees that’s fresh kindling for fires to break out in.  It also don’t help none that we’ve had two very dry winters and have entered into drought area, which will hopefully change this winter and we start getting more rain and snow and the likes.  We seriously need rain right now not storms that can throw off lightening and start up more fires.

I pray that we get some relief cause the air quality is very bad with all that smoke in the air and it causes issues with people who have breathing problems, that’s why I’ve got the windows and doors shut and the air conditioning going instead of letting in fresh air, cause the air isn’t fresh with all the pollen and smoke out there and my allergies and asthma would not be happy with me at all.

We are suppose to be getting rain/storm chances today and tomorrow and I think Saturday.  I’ll have to relook at the weather to make sure, but it’s a VERY LOW chance.  “Knock on Wood” I say and hope that we do get rain and relief from the summer heat and temps of 90+ degrees.



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Ugh, well we finally got some more rain, and at least this time the rain has lasted through out the night and will be happening all day today and depart sometime tomorrow.

We’ve needed this rain cause man it’s been way to hot and way way to dry. The temp today is barely going to be in the 40s, while the temps before have been in the 80s and 90s.  We hope our summer here won’t be so bad this year.

Heck surprisingly enough there will be snow down as low as 6000 feet and no more.  Some will be expecting about an inch or two of heavy weight snow up in the foot hills, to where there will be almost 10 inches of snow above 11,000 feet.

Colorado weather is so unpredictable and so awesome, you definitely would not get bored living here, cause you don’t know what or when the weather will happen around here.  It makes life fun and interesting, while in the south, where I originally came from, the only thing that was constant down there was the high humidity, the tornadic weather and the high and unbearable temps and heat index that could kill you.

I’m definitely happy that I’m living in Colorado now.  The rest of my family at least is in better living conditions themselves and further north now so that they don’t get the heat indexes and the likes to bad, cause they live in Illinois now instead of the deep south.  Each area is unique with it’s own weather, that you don’t know when it will change :).  I still like Colorado cause I can officially say that now I have 4 seasons instead of the 2 or 3 seasons in the south.

Well enjoy your weather where ever y’all live and just be thankful you get what you get, cause if we didn’t get our weather, this world would be barren and dry.



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Hot damn! Yesterday afternoon, we finally got some much needed rain, which not only helped with the fire danger in some areas, but it also washed away all the dirt, pollution and pollen in the air.

We still have pollen out there, but at least it’s not over whelming like it has been :).  Also yesterday morning just around 11 a.m. or so, they cleared the throats of the tornado sirens for the first time, to blow the cobwebs out of them since they had not been used at all over the late fall and winter seasons :).

No sooner they did that, they had to use it with the storm that came through here, cause as it passed over us here in Denver, it was severe with pea size hail, wind and cloud to ground lightening.  The storm turned tornadic as it went over the DIA area, thankfully the funnel that was spotted didn’t turn into a full blown tornado.

We all were fine.  We though seriously got close to an inch of rain out of that storm, and later that night more rain and storms rumbled through and dumped more rain.  The air is so much cleaner now and the temps are very spring like now being in the 60s, but by this weekend, there is a possible chance for a rain and snow mix to hit us.  This is typical weather here in Denver, especially in early spring, it can be spring time and next there would be snow.  I don’t care as long as we get more precipitation and the likes to help with this past dry winter so we don’t wind up having to conserve water and the likes.

I gladly welcome the spring in with open arms :). The weather is fantastic and absolutely lovely, snow, rain, storm and tornadic :). It’s spring what more can you say about it :).


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Damn the pollen is really bad out there.  Hopefully here in the very near future we will be getting rain to wash down all the dirt and pollen and clean the air SOON!

The stuff is finally kicking me in the ass, it took it long enough, but now I’m starting to feel the allergies seriously kicking in.  I decided this morning to take one of my Zyrtec 24 hour pills, so hopefully I won’t feel it too bad today.

I think it’s because we’ve done a lot of running around recently starting with the trip in the urban cowboy truck, to looking at a new car and getting one.  I sometimes wish I didn’t have allergies, but then the world isn’t perfect, someone has one thing or another issue from asthma to other illnesses.

I’m up right now cause my stomach was growling for me to eat some breakfast, and I will probably go back to bed later for a little while or not. LOL.  I’ve just been told that somethings that we’ve ordered recently might be in today. 🙂

Oh as for the shopping for a new car, we found one, and I will probably post about it later on :).  I’ve got to get pictures and a description from my man on what he thinks LOL.  I definitely know that the man is in love with the car and man oh man he isn’t the only one, but then I was very adamant about getting this type of car, but wow wasn’t expecting how it rides and all the bells and whistles in it :).  I’ll talk more about that later, so back to the subject at hand.

The pollen and all that is out there is definitely kicking in, and as I said before, I HOPE we get some rain soon so that it can clean the air and wash down the pollen and dirt :).  I so want to get over these allergies, but I’ve a feeling until spring has fully blossomed and bloomed, I and every else that suffers from allergies, will continue to do so.


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Ok ya’ll remember me saying that all of last week and over the weekend it was beautiful and in the 70s and 80s, well not now lol :).

Our weather went from this; beautiful weekend:

Blue Sky

Blue Sky

To this; weather today:

Grey Sky

Grey Sky and snow!

Got to love living in Colorado, where the weather can change in a heartbeat from nice and beautiful and spring and summer like; right back into winter! Mother Nature has decided that instead of the nice weather she has sent Colorado recently, that it was time to change it up again :).  Ol’ Man Winter must have complained loud enough for her to allow him back in. LOL. 🙂

Well I’m not to worried about it.  At least I don’t live in an area now that with the drastic weather change from hot to cold, that it didn’t spur up any nasty storms with tornadoes involved with it.  It started out as rain yesterday, with snow up in the mountains, and the rain turned into snow over night for us here in Denver.  It’s suppose to snow off and on all day and a possible 8 inches in some areas south of Denver in it’s surrounding metro area.  So who knows really what we will be getting around here until May :).

Good news with this rain and the snow, the Lower North Fork fire is now 100% completely contained! Yeah! Sadly though 3 people lost their lives and a lot more lost their homes and dreams and memories with this fire.  We definitely need this rain or snow, as long as we get some type of moisture here.  I seriously hate La Nina, but you can’t stop the weather patterns or control them.  What will happen, will happen, no matter what.  We can’t predict our future and the weather is just as bad :).  Seriously though the weather people definitely did pick up on this correctly, so they some times do get things right on many occasion :).

To those who have never been to Colorado, well Welcome! But be prepared for the sudden shift in weather, cause that could change at any moment :).


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Yesterday, Eric and I went for a small 4 hour round trip up into the Rocky Mountains yesterday towards Avon, CO.  I took pictures there and back home.  I will probably post a few of them in this post but not all 154 of them :). On our way up to Avon, CO which was our destination and the Walmart there, yes I’m a Walmart fanatic LOL.  I’d been to most of the Walmarts around the Denver Metro area and such, but never one up in the Rocky Mountains. We won’t be doing that again, cause we spend a weeks worth of gas to get there and back. I did however get to take some wonderful pictures on the way up there :).  One of those pictures dealt with one of the mountains looking like a huge pyramid :).

Pryamid Shape

Pyramid Shaped Mountain (as least in my opinion)

We stopped in Georgetown to look for some big horn sheep and couldn’t see any and this I think was around 3 p.m. or so, so we continued on towards Avon and took Loveland Pass, and this took us by 3 ski resorts. The first one we went by was Loveland Pass, second one, Arapahoe Basin or “A Basin” also known as “The Legend” here in Colorado.  I was able to snap a few pictures of “A Basin” and there are people out having fun on what little snow left up there for them to enjoy skiing and snowboarding. Here is one of the pictures I snapped via my iPhone.

A Basin (Arapahoe Basin)

A Basin

I also snapped a picture of Loveland Pass Summit, I think it was called Loveland Pass Summit, not for sure on the name, all I know it was the summit of where it was.  There is also an orange sign warning skiers that ski in the back woods not on the trails in the ski resorts, that the avalanche control people will bring in heavy artillery to do long distance avalanche control.  The sign is also in the picture so you can read what it really says :).

The Summit of Loveland Pass area

The Summit

As I said it was a beautiful day and I didn’t feel like going through the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels.  We did however go through the tunnels on the way back home cause we weren’t about to take all those switchbacks and such when it was getting dark :).  The sky was so blue it was breathtaking.  It was a very nice and mild day up in the mountains :).  Also you couldn’t see or smell the pollution or even the wildfire smoke way up there, thank goodness. That summit elevation was at 11,990 Ft above sea level.  This is also where we pass over the Continental Divide :).

From Loveland Pass we go pass Copper Mountain Ski Resort area and through Silverthorne and back onto I-70.  Once we were back on I-70 we were already west of the Continental Divide and all rivers and streams rolled west instead of East and the likes.  We stopped at the rest area at Vail Pass or Vail and I had an asthma attack.  Thankfully I had an inhaler in my purse and was able to take care of that.  I took pictures of the signs outside the rest area, which was just inside Eagle County. Some rather interesting information on them signs :).  I’ve added a number of information thumbnails that will hopefully click to the bigger images when you click on them.











We got back onto I-70 and continued on our trip towards Avon, CO.  We passed over Eagle River and it was a beautiful sight, but sadly I couldn’t get a picture of it, and then before we knew it; we were in Avon, which apparently is next to Eagle River.  I couldn’t get a picture of the Walmart that we stopped at in Avon, but man it was beautiful and they had a beautiful view right outside their doors.  We headed home after our stop at Walmart in Avon.

On our way back home; I continued to take pictures of the sights around me. They were mostly repeats just from a different angle. This time instead of taking Loveland Pass back, which we didn’t want to even try as the sun was setting cause of all the switchbacks and the water and such that was on that road could freeze over, we continued on via I-70 East. I also took some pictures of the red rocks that Colorado got it’s name from, and these were before the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels.

Red Rock

Red Rock Formation

We continued on east bound and down along I-70, towards the Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels, which I did take a picture of before we went into the Johnson Tunnel side.  I also took one while we were inside the tunnel.

Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels

Eisenhower and Johnson Tunnels

Inside Johnson Tunnel

Inside Johnson Tunnel

Now after we got out of the tunnels, I kept taking pictures of scenes that I could until the sun was to far set to be able to take good pictures, and low and behold, just before we got to Georgetown, not far from the Silver Plume exit, I was looking at the west bound side of I-70 and what did my eyes behold. I finally got to see some big horn sheep in their natural wilderness and I was very very happy. I think there might have at least been 5 or 6 rams, but they were young, for their horns weren’t pronounced enough to tell you they’d been around a while.  In the picture I’m about to post, you have to look really close, cause they blend in so well with their surroundings.  I was surprised that I got lucky with my first shot at them and done a good job compared to the other bad attempts to get pictures of them and that’s hard to do when you are going about 65 down the road and they are on the same side as you cause they blur.  Here’s the picture, which I cropped to the best of my ability of editing photos, so enjoy :).  I sure did :). One of the bighorn was like right next to the road.  They definitely aren’t afraid of the traffic zooming by, while they graze.  They just seem to ignore it and continue on blissfully grazing away :).

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep

Now seeing the bighorn sheep was a wonderful surprise, I’m just glad I was able to able to glimpse some within their natural habitat again, instead of having to see them in a Zoo or something along that line.  They are very hard to find especially in the Spring and Summer time.  I did however; a few years back when we went to Mt. Evans, which was when I discovered my altitude limit, lol.  I don’t have any problems with altitude sickness until I get over 13,000 ft in elevation. Anyways I spotted some females with their young, well not quiet so young.  I have a picture of them as well but as in the picture above they blended in so well you have to look really close.  The mamas during lambing season tend to hang out in the rocky outcrops to keep their babies safe from predators at least until they were big enough to head out to better grazing grounds, which is usually around late spring to the summer time. This was just when fall was beginning and just before rutting season became fully active. This picture that I’m about to show you, below, was taken with my first iPhone I had. Enjoy cause I sure did. 🙂

Bighorn Sheep

Bighorn Sheep on Mt. Evans

Ok now back to the final leg of our trip home and the LAST picture I took as we was halfway down the mountains from the tunnel.  The sun is setting behind the mountains now and the colors are spectacular on the clouds that I took a picture of.  This is the final picture of the trip, which means this is the end of this very long post :).  I enjoyed getting out of the house and looking at the beautiful scenery that is made up of Colorado.  Enjoy and I hope you all have a great day. 🙂

Sunset Clouds

Clouds at Sunset in Colorado

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Well today is a very windy and gusty day in Denver, CO.  It is causing issues with fires and with the power around certain areas, so there are going to be brownouts and blackouts from time to time.

So far, my sister has been having brownouts, while the radio station I’m listening too has lost power twice in less then 5 minutes.  Yep Mother Nature is having a hay day with everyone here in Denver.  Thankfully it hasn’t happened to my area yet, but ours might be less do to our power lines and such being buried under ground.

The weather is very beautiful here today with it being 80 degrees outside.  It’s wonderful and relaxing, at least for me, but not for those who will most likely have to be out and about taking care of forest fires, wild fires and grass fires.  We do need some rain though cause it’s getting very parched out there moisture wise.  I just wish La Nina would just go away, but we already know we can’t stop these cycles from happening.

Wind Chime and Pine Tree


This is a picture of what the wind is doing outside the patio door.  It’s blowing pretty hard out there.  I’m think today here in Denver cold almost put the “Windy City” to shame over in Illinois :). People are enjoying this day though, I’m seeing lots of people on their bikes and walking instead of driving, but this usually does happen here in Colorado during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons :).  I can’t wait to be able to take a break on an actual weekend and go driving up in the mountains just to look around and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy and I’ll be putting up more posts with pictures in it :).

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