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Ugh, well we finally got some more rain, and at least this time the rain has lasted through out the night and will be happening all day today and depart sometime tomorrow.

We’ve needed this rain cause man it’s been way to hot and way way to dry. The temp today is barely going to be in the 40s, while the temps before have been in the 80s and 90s.  We hope our summer here won’t be so bad this year.

Heck surprisingly enough there will be snow down as low as 6000 feet and no more.  Some will be expecting about an inch or two of heavy weight snow up in the foot hills, to where there will be almost 10 inches of snow above 11,000 feet.

Colorado weather is so unpredictable and so awesome, you definitely would not get bored living here, cause you don’t know what or when the weather will happen around here.  It makes life fun and interesting, while in the south, where I originally came from, the only thing that was constant down there was the high humidity, the tornadic weather and the high and unbearable temps and heat index that could kill you.

I’m definitely happy that I’m living in Colorado now.  The rest of my family at least is in better living conditions themselves and further north now so that they don’t get the heat indexes and the likes to bad, cause they live in Illinois now instead of the deep south.  Each area is unique with it’s own weather, that you don’t know when it will change :).  I still like Colorado cause I can officially say that now I have 4 seasons instead of the 2 or 3 seasons in the south.

Well enjoy your weather where ever y’all live and just be thankful you get what you get, cause if we didn’t get our weather, this world would be barren and dry.



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You know I don’t do much but sit in front of this computer most days or sleeping in late, but what ever it is I’m burning off calories and weight.  I do however get up and down to cook something or get something to drink or go down the hall to the bathroom, and also I am moving around a lot, dancing in my seat or doing something to music, and I do understand that even if you are just sitting in one place and are swinging your leg or tapping the foot that you are still burning of calories and weight that way as well.  It also depends on what you eat and drink and what vitamins and the likes you take as well.

I’m definitely going to keep doing what I’m doing with taking my cinnamon and my super b-complex, cause one helps the blood sugar, while the other is helping me lose weight.  I’m now down to 309 and I’m loving losing this weight.  I want to keep losing it so that I can get out of being diabetic and feeling good about myself.  I’ve lost a lot of weight in the 4 and a half years I’ve been here in Denver.  I was to the point on weight that not even a weight scale could read and would error out cause I was above the 330 mark in weight.  Now I can use a scale again :).  I’m so happy with what ever I’m doing and I hope to keep on doing it.

I also love myself, though there are times I seriously hate myself for allowing myself to get in this situation in the first place. I just hope that I can continue on with what ever it is I’m doing when I finally get down to that idea weight for one that is of my height of 5’3″ and I’m a large framed or boned female.  Hopefully also in the near future I’ll be able to get back to cooking so that I know for sure what carbs that my fiancee and I are eating, but until then, I’ve just got to be ultra careful with the fast food I order for him to bring home.

Yes I will still break my carbs and splurge from time to time, like get an ice cream or even a piece of pie and the likes, but it doesn’t happen all the time.  I pretty much know when my body tells me I’ve had enough carbs that I will order a salad, a fruit bowl and some meat and the likes for my supper for him to bring home.  Which reminds me, I think I’ll go with some Chick-Fil-A for supper tonight and another salad and fruit bowl :).


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Well as I posted in a previous post I went and got a new meter, well I shouldn’t have, and my other one still works fine.

I’ve discovered a major difference between the two meters, and I think it might deal with code numbers, I’m not for sure, but it’s rather annoying.

The new meter reads higher then the old meter by quiet a lot.  I know I didn’t have a lot of carbs yesterday, I only had maybe 4 or 5 pieces of candy, I munched on pork skins, had a salad and some meat for supper.  I took my meds on time and had one small thing of sugar free jell-o.

I fall asleep after I take my meds and the likes and sleep until almost 8 this morning.  I had to be up this morning to wait for the water delivery people so I can get the water moved into the house.  Anyways, back to the meters.  I woke up and checked my sugar with both meters.  The new one says it was at 127 while the old one says 112.  I’ve decided to stay with the old meter, and use the new one in case of an emergency.  The code on the new meter, which is a One Touch Ultra Mini is set to 25, while my Freestyle Lite is set to 16, and that’s the only reason I can think why the numbers would be different is because of the code.

I seriously hate being diabetic, cause man I tell you this, it’s a pain in the ass to find the meter that is right for you and treats you right.  I don’t know much about that duel technology checking in the One Touch strips either.  Anyways, I learned my lesson and I won’t be getting a new meter again unless it’s the same one I’ve been using.  The old one still works fine, so until then here’s to happy finger pricking and blood sugar checking.



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