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Well with all the wind yesterday that we had here and the gusts were up in the 30s or so, a 4 acre burn area quickly turned into a 44 acre burn within an hour, and now it’s over 4000 acres of land on fire. Man it’s going to be a bad year, this year for Colorado in that area.  We are so dry from the very little snow and rain over the winter it’s not funny.  Hopefully we won’t have to worry about water restrictions going up this summer.  That would seriously suck.

Well thankfully today the wind is barely blowing and they were able to call in fire air support to start dumping water on the fire, so hopefully it will soon be under control.  Also hopefully they will be able to get the fire retardant out there to help get this fire under control as well.

One who has come from Arkansas definitely understands fire hazards and warnings out there, cause Arkansas was basically nothing but pine trees from one side to the other, hence one of the reasons that the state is also known as the Natural State cause of all those forests and more out there.  I was living in the Oauchita Mountain foot hills back in them days in a trailer park along Hwy 7 leading towards Hot Springs.  Talk about nothing but trees and hills around with few streams rambling through.  When a fire hit our home was always in danger of being taken over by flames, but thankfully during the times I lived there we never had one except up on West Mountain that went down the hill towards the backyards of the homes that were in Hot Springs, so I sympathize with those people that have lost their homes to wild fires and the likes.

I hope we do not lose lives with these fires and God be with the fire fighters and other authority figures out there dealing with the massive wild fire.  There is some good that comes from this fire, and that is the dead pine trees that the pine beetles have killed off and will be taken care of, but the loss of life and homes and memories isn’t.


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You know what really sucks is when you get insomnia.

Insomnia is the worse sleeping disorder anyone can have, and I do have a mild case of it, but I’ve got family members that are much worse off with insomnia.

I will either do XBOX, be online via the computer or be up reading a book or two.

I hate having even a mild case of insomnia, but some times it just can’t be helped.  I also do not want to take anything to help me sleep, cause the one pill I do take with a sleep aid, makes me feel like hell the next day and lingers to long.  So I just read or something to wear my brain down to shut it off :).

Anyways, I am now going to head back to bed.  Sleep well to those who are still up, and have a great day for those who just woke up or are over the date and time line :).


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