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Well I went and took a couple of pictures of my new fan, which I put together with very little help :). I love it when I can do that. I’ll just post one picture of the fan :).

My last fan I had bit the dust over a year ago.  It was a standing Oscillating Fan, where this one is a desk top fan :).  It’s also all metal, which is better then the all plastic ones out there :).

Metal Fan

Metal Fan

This little fan is definitely doing it’s job, and I love it! This will also help me deal with the summer heat, cause I don’t want to always run the AC since I’ve moved to Colorado.

Now when I lived in Arkansas, there was no way in hell that we could survive the summer without the AC’s running.  The humidity down there was horrible along with the awful heat indexes! Ugh, talk about no sooner you step outside your clothes stick to your body cause of the instant sweat that gathers on your skin just from the humidity alone.  Also it don’t help much when your temps get into the 100s down there, and then add in the heat indexes over 100. EW! Anyways, I’m very happy to be living in Colorado because there is like NO humidity.  It’s dry and very comfortable, though you can see the dry air affect on your skin, that’s what moisturizing lotion is for :).  I’ll take this over humidity any day, but sadly I’ll have to deal with some humidity when I go visit family cause they live in Illinois and Arkansas.  I’ll suffer the humidity just to see my family and loved ones :).




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Well today is a very windy and gusty day in Denver, CO.  It is causing issues with fires and with the power around certain areas, so there are going to be brownouts and blackouts from time to time.

So far, my sister has been having brownouts, while the radio station I’m listening too has lost power twice in less then 5 minutes.  Yep Mother Nature is having a hay day with everyone here in Denver.  Thankfully it hasn’t happened to my area yet, but ours might be less do to our power lines and such being buried under ground.

The weather is very beautiful here today with it being 80 degrees outside.  It’s wonderful and relaxing, at least for me, but not for those who will most likely have to be out and about taking care of forest fires, wild fires and grass fires.  We do need some rain though cause it’s getting very parched out there moisture wise.  I just wish La Nina would just go away, but we already know we can’t stop these cycles from happening.

Wind Chime and Pine Tree


This is a picture of what the wind is doing outside the patio door.  It’s blowing pretty hard out there.  I’m think today here in Denver cold almost put the “Windy City” to shame over in Illinois :). People are enjoying this day though, I’m seeing lots of people on their bikes and walking instead of driving, but this usually does happen here in Colorado during the Spring, Summer and Fall seasons :).  I can’t wait to be able to take a break on an actual weekend and go driving up in the mountains just to look around and enjoy the beauty that is Colorado and the Rocky Mountains.

Enjoy and I’ll be putting up more posts with pictures in it :).

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