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Well yesterday was payday.  He got all the bills paid and the likes.  He also seemed to have a bad day yesterday to the point he was known as grumpy britches to me for a little while lol.

I’m the one that was telling him to chill this time around LOL, so when he got home we got out for a little while.  We stopped at a Taco Bell and ordered some food and we went to sit in a park to eat it and enjoy the beautiful evening as the sun was setting.  I’d ordered one of those new Locos Taco Supreme with a regular taco and and burrito supreme.  OMG the Locos Taco was de-lish! It is the new Doritos nacho cheese shells :).  I will probably get more in the near future 🙂 if they are still around when we go to Taco Bell again :).

After we ate our supper we went on down to the Wal-mart in beautiful small town of Elizabeth, CO and got things there.  It got us both away from the house for a little while.  On the way there I saw a herd of deer in a field, they were walking along a small tree line.  Sadly I saw them a little to late and didn’t get a chance to take a picture of them, plus it was getting a dark and my flash wouldn’t have reached them from the road when they were about half an acre or so away from the road.

I would love to own about 5 or so acres of land, but the only way we could do that would be to win the Powerball, but that pretty much is useless around here when the Powerball is always won on the East Coast and not here in Colorado.  It also doesn’t help when my man wants to wait until it’s in the 100 millions to even buy a ticket.  Yeah I know he does that for a reason cause he says you wouldn’t live long on 40 million, which I think we could, but I wasn’t going to argue with him.  He also doesn’t want to waste a lot of money on it either that could be used for other things.  Oh well I can only dream of ever owning that much land I guess, but it’s a great dream.

Anyways, after the trip he was still in a slight grumpy mood but his mood eventually improved to the point that he started working on getting sissy’s computer system fixed.  He got all the files he needed to transfer, transferred and then he’ll eventually start with doing the rest like replace the mother board of the system with what he bought.  He also will have to do some work for his job from home this weekend as well.

I also started the roast we bought from Wal-Mart around 2 or 3 this morning so it should be ready by the evening so that he won’t have to go out for food for us and take time away from his work to feed us, but as for tomorrow, he will have to go get something for us to eat. 🙂

I had fun getting out of the house, I always have fun, cause it’s a pain in my ass when I don’t and I start getting cabin fever.  Soon enough we will be able to finally go back up into the mountains and look out of the beautiful world around us as it continues to blossom into spring :).


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