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Well lets just say this, Tebow is being traded, first it was to the Jets until the Jets discovered a slight clause in his contract that they would have to pay him 5 million dollars, now they’ve decided NOT to take on Tebow and have stepped back.

Now Jacksonville is back in the running and they REALLY REALLY want him, and I hope that they do get him, cause that would be his home stomping grounds, and I think he will do Jacksonville proud! Go Tebow!  I’d love to see a Bronco and Jaguars game and see who does better.  Tebow has a lot of potential within him if people will just give him time and help him reach that potential. Who ever gets Tebow has so much more potential to reach the Super Bowl then some do.

Yeah Manning is good, but gee don’t get me wrong, the man is 36, was out of football for a whole YEAR and has gone through 4 neck surgeries, but that don’t mean he is up to his power house self that he was when he first started playing for the NFL, but best of luck anyways and it will be the Broncos loss and Elway’s failure if Manning gets hurt and can no longer play.

I will continue to be a fan of Tim Tebow, because he has talent, he is worth it and is a good man and a good role model. Whoever gets Tim Tebow will have a horde of fans to help them along the way, and I’ve got a gut instinct that Tebow will hit the Super Bowl and when he does the Broncos will see what they lost, and I’m not going to feel sorry for them.  They picked, they traded, they made their bed and they’ll have to sleep in it!

Good luck to you Tim Tebow, and know that you have a ton of fans out there that will support you and be there to watch you.  God Bless and I hope the Jaguars will get you :). You will be missed here in Denver by your many fans, but the haters out there are way to far happy that you are gone, cause they can’t see your potential like many of us can.


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