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I was introduced to these blogs just the other day and man if you love horses and the freedom and beautiful country sights, this is one of the blogs that will give you update information on the wild mustangs in some of the areas out there. I hope everyone will enjoy these blogs as much as I have :). Thanks to those who keep all updated and just LOVE the horses that they blog about so much :). I will :).

Wild in the Pryors

Today we are going to look at 7 more bands, from the mountain top, that may have foals this year.  I am going to wait until after my trip to the Pryor’s to post our guesses on the Dryhead horses.   The first band that we are going to look at is Morning Stars Band.

There is one, possibly two and a tiny maybe on a third and forth. This is one band that I did not get very good photos of this year.  They were always just a little bit to far away or resting in the trees.  So if anyone has better photos of them and want to share with us, please let me know.

The first mare is Galalic Princess.  She is the grulla mare with a star and lg snip, with a left hind sock.  The second mare that may have a foal (a maybe) is Harmony. …

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