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Wow. Lets just say that. Wow.

I woke up this morning and checked my blood sugar.  It was down to 96.  It has been a long long long time since my blood sugar has checked out that low.  I’m talking my blood sugar is usually in the 110 to 120 area.

I guess not feeling so great yesterday, I didn’t eat many carbs.  I was just not feeling good at all.  My stomach and digestive system was just not having any of it.  I will how ever be eating me some breakfast this morning so it doesn’t dip any lower then that 96.  That would kind of be bad news for me being diabetic and the likes.

Yeah I know being diabetic can suck, but there are some good sides to that you start to learn what you eat and you start to lose weight, but there are also some bad sides to it as well.  If you get to low on the number your kidneys could start having issues and if it gets to high other things will happen that aren’t so good.

I remember one time when my blood sugar was in the 300 I was blacking out and throwing up, and I was taken to the hospital and on top of that issue my blood sugar was pretty good until I hit age 40.  I am however healthier then I have been in a while.  Other then the few issues with mild asthma and being diabetic, I’m healthier then I’ve ever been since being a young adult and child. 🙂


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