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Where have I been?

Well I don’t know how many have recently eyed my blog, and wonder where I have been.  Well I can tell you this.  It’s called XBOX 360 and a game known as Fable III.  That’s one very addictive game no doubt about it, but then any game similar to that or a First Person Shooter for me is always addictive.

I used to play a lot of MW2 and MW3 as well as HALO but now a days, I think I’m starting to get burn out again.  That’s one bad thing about playing games and XBOX 360 is that you CAN get addicted and you CAN get burnout. I can tell you this, when it happens it’s not fun, that is the burnout of course, LOL, but XBOX 360 in a way is far better then drugs and alcohol.  You can’t hurt people unless you yell at them and hurt their feelings.  You can shot them, strike them, beat them up and all that jazz without putting bruises on any real person is good.

Anyways, XBOX or any of the game consoles can be addictive, but we also know that if computer games and any of the game consoles aren’t regulated at times with the kids, that they will get nothing done and wind up failing their education and the likes.  It can even ruin your employment cause you are up at all hours of the day and night on the computers, either looking at porn or playing any game console with a game that you have found that is very addictive.



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