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Changed Up

Well ok I got tired of just the background being a color, but then I finally discovered how to fix the background that I can do it right, left, center or just all over, so I went through and checked out all angles and discovered that the tiled version looks nice of the same picture that started my header design, but since you all know how a background looks cause you have used them, let me know if you think it looks fine or should I change it up to where it’s just on one side either left or right, with some color.

UPDATED: Well um never mind on this lol.  My fiancee didn’t like the tiling, but if I could figure out a way to make it as one tile covering the entire background I would, which I couldn’t agree more would look so much better, but sadly there isn’t any way I know how without going premium and I can’t afford the price for Premium. *sighs*


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Lazy Afternoon

Now I ask this to all, do you all have a day or afternoon that you just want to stay in bed and sleep?

Well today was my day to get that way.  I had to wake up this morning to go get some blood work done.  Man even a one small tube of blood takes it out of me.

Well afterwards I ate some breakfast and then took my pill 30 minutes before I need to, and said screw it.  I went back to bed and just now woke up, so I passed smooth out for just over 2 and a half hours.  All snuggle and warm under covers with warmth seeping through my chilled skin, and I just did not want to get up, but I knew it was time.  Sadly though I don’t even remember if I dreamed or not, but I do feel so much better and refreshed some what.

Right now I’m sitting here in front of my computer on the couch typing this up, and our little Penny is in front of me purring and stretching and bugging for attention.  Well now she’s up in front of my monitor lol.  Ms. Toot girl, but she got her attention from mommy and when daddy gets home she’ll be bugging him. LOL.

Penny has her own blog but we haven’t written on it much since we got her, she’s been keeping us busy lol.


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Why is this person talking about dreams you ask or think to yourself.

Well this isn’t the dreams that you dream of to become a millionaire that I’m talking about.

These are the dreams that people dream while they are sleeping at night or whenever they be sleeping.

Some people will remember their dreams, and some will not.

Dreams are what stories are made of, the ideas that pop into motion within ones thoughts as they are sleeping.

I had such a dream last night, or should I say early this morning, LOL.

The details were so vivid and an idea might pop from it, or I just want to talk about it.

In this dream I had early this morning, it was about a Native American couple.  Many people discriminate or don’t even acknowledge that the Native Americans are here in our very world today, because to many they think of the old west and the cowboy and indian battles that took place. Many also think they are starving and barely making a living out there living on their reservations, but little do people know that the Native Americans are if not richer then us by far.  Their culture is part of it, the other part deals with Casinos, oil rights and even those who were able to break away from the reservation in today’s world to make their way in the business world, ranching and more, but people never pay attention to what the first Americans who were here before the Europeans or second Americans came to this world.  Anyways, back to my dream, sorry about going off the subject of what I’m talking about lol.

In this dream there was a Native American couple, the young man helped his grandfather or father to deliver a bull into a ranchers hands.  On the way they were attacked, but they survived.  Upon arrival, the young man was badly hurt, and the ranchers daughter, who was half Native American, came out and helped control the bleeding and to help healing the young man.  This leads to the young man and the elder Native American to remain and live on the ranchers land and to help around the ranch, while the ranchers daughter and the young man finished high school. The couple feel deeply in love with each other and not long after they graduated from high school they marry.

After they marry, they both go off to tend the same college, but had to take a train to get to where they needed to go.  Back in this day this is when they segregated the poor folk as well as the black folk and the Native Americans from the rich fat people and were placed in a separate car from the others.  On this train trip there are two antagonist, a young man and a young woman, who seem to focus mostly on the Native American couple and they tend to taunt and start fights with them.

The young woman of the couple decided enough was enough, and little to people knowing it, she was a medicine woman of her tribe, so she first focused on the female of the two antagonist and used a spell upon her to make her very sick and with the sickness the young woman passes on.  The others who were riding with the couple soon became friends with them and allies, cause they too had gotten tired of being egged on and picked on because of their status within the world.  Soon after the mysterious illness and death of the female worker the other workers had wondered what had happened, but no one knew or even asked about it cause they were worried they might get it next.

The male worker still didn’t get the message and continued to be disrespectful, and later that night, one of the male occupants of the car came forward and pulled with him something and placed it in front of the young Native American woman and asked if she could do the same for the final disrespecting worker and all the others also tossed in what ever was needed to help, and so the medicine woman does her work one last time and instead of causing an illness, she was able to make the disrespectful worker get drunk at the next stop where he is left behind and soon dies not long after the train has pulled away from the stop.

The idea behind this dream was sweet revenge, but don’t ever think that people have the power to make people ill with magic and the likes to get revenge, but who knows what happens out there and who does what.  I do not disrespect what goes on out there, but I don’t take a part in it either.  To me what happens will happen and life goes on, but still to have sweet revenge against antagonist like this is always a good story with a great ending or at least to some it would be.

In real life we have to deal with all sorts of disrespect, and we all hope that one day that the disrespect will turn into respect and people will some day be able to look at others as the same as them, no matter what your race, color or if you are rich and poor and the likes.  Everyone deserves a chance and deserves respect in the appropriate areas and fair trials and all that.  We all know there are assholes out there who think they are better then anyone else when they are not, but no one can tell this person seriously that no one is better then the next person without offending them when you are doing nothing but just telling the truth, but the truth is better then no truth.  Respect those who deserve it and you will get respect back.

Me I will sometimes straight up just tell the person bluntly what I think of the attitudes they have, cause I just don’t beat around the bush.  I go straight for the jugular and will take no prisoners, and if you don’t like what I tell you then you need to take another look at yourself closely and figure out where you are wrong and fix it or you will forever be left behind and alone, with no friends and eventually you might lose all respect for yourself.

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